The ultimate end game for Evolve


Ultimately I hope they can patch in or allow the players to create their own hunter loadout after they have maxed and unlocked all the hunters. Players should be able to mix and match all the gear and create custom loadouts. Kind of like the ultimate reward/end game. The can choose the player model they want to use, the skin, and then create the loadout that best suits their play style. This would add so much to the strategy of the game.


They had this originally, but choosing some loadouts meant that you had no chance of victory = not very fun


Yeah, this was the original concept and they found that their hunters wouldn’t choose anything to, you know, hunt, so they went with the character load-outs instead. Imagine a Medic who didn’t pick a healing device because they prefer playing with the SMG? Fun-fail.


The games about team work of course the possibility is there for bad loadout creation but hybrid class opportunities need to be allowed. The combinations that could arise could be very interesting.


Again, this was explained in one of “the making of Evolve” videos. They originally had this, but then some things were never picked. Imagine the trapper for example. Abe’s shot gun deals more damage than either Maggie’s machine pistol or Griffen’s smg. So right there, no one would ever pick the machine pistol or smg. With these premade loadouts, it makes you think about which hunter to pick along with the pros and cons of each one.


So we are assuming players are smart enough to pick the right hunter for the job, but not build a loadout that can be successful. By the time players would be ready to create custom loadouts, aka everything unlocked I think their knowledge base would be where it needed to be to make accurate loadout decisions. What if the custom loadouts were limited to everything in a particular class. So your only choices would be only the abilities and gear from all the medics for example. Basically the player would have 4 options to choose from for each slot. I could live with that.


I like this idea a lot. Once all the role specific gear is unlocked you should be able to interchange it within the same role. I think that, over time, it would be nice to see some additional weapons/gear for each role be released. That would be a great way to make each role a little more customizable and be able to tailor more towards player specific roles within the role.