The UK and staying/leaving EU


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Moving on. I have a request. For those of you LIVING IN THE UK, I would like to ask if anyone cab provide some reliable sources and viewpoints on the pros and cons of both staying and leaving the EU.
This is SUUUPER important to me (and other migrants from the UK) As we, despite no longer living in the country, have the right to vote on this situation. I’m not quite upto speed, so if anyone could help out, that would be great.

Remember. No discussions. I KNOW opinions can conflict, and wish for no bad blood to come between fellow forum members. I’ll probably close this when I have enough info. If you wish to PM me instead, do so.


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I think this link will help you a little: link

This is one of the reasons why some want to leave the UK.


So to be less confused: Prices are going up, correct?


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Prices will go up if we leave the EU


Okay then yea, I’m still confused about what is happening


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I mean, being an EU citizen has benefitted me and that should be reason enough, but I like the fact sheets.


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I want to leave because I like taking risks but may end up being that guy on a night out that says the club is crap and we should leave.

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This then results in everyone in a kebab shop arguing about whos fault it is for the rest of the night. I do not want to be in a kebab shop after we leave.


One huge reason why we shouldn’t leave the EU:

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Also, @ToiletWraith, why is there a discussion about leaving EU? Did something happen economically or something? Or do you just feel like being an adventurous lil’ Chaz and leaving for the halibut? Tate’s confuzzled.


There’s a massive vote going on because afaik the primeminister promised a vote and somethkng about the EU referendum… if he got re elected, which he did. I havent been in England for a while so someone might be able to explain it better.

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EU subsidies will disappear, so farmers would take a hit from that; they would need to charge their customers to gain these funds back. Universities and businesses also gain grants from the EU, they’ll need to replace this funding and gain it from elsewhere as well; again usually it’s the consumer who will pay the price for this.

On top of this if the UK were to leave the EU, they might end up having to pay the EU for continuing import and export. Norway does this and they currently pay more for this than they would pay if they were members of the actual EU; however independence, and on top of that they have a pretty solid economy and have had that for years.

However there is the off chance that the UK could reroute the money they currently spend on the EU, and pour that into new jobs. This could possibly strengthen the economy. Is it enough to offset the subsidies, grants, the Thatcher rebate AND cover the potential trading costs? Realistically speaking it is possible, but doubtful. It would be a great risk.

And then there’s the fact that Scotland wants to become independent. Right now this has little to do with a Brexit of any sort, but should the majority of the Scottish people wish to leave the UK after the UK has decided to leave the EU, the country could face serious (economic) issues.


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I know this discussion is more oriented to UK residents, but as a European (a Belgian nonetheless), I just want to remind those that the vote not to be part of the EU means exiting the second largest economy in the world:

Not only that, it would negatively impact the current relationships UK has with other European Countries, as the EU was created to improve intercontinental relationships most of all.

The BBC also sums it up nicely:

To each his own opinion, although I only see benefits for what the EU can provide if UK decides to stay. (Not to mention that UK will gain more autonomy on certain aspects, becoming a certain “special” member if it does decide to stay, as stated by David Cameron)


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Also, I am allowed to talk here because Norwegians spent a whole lot of time in Britain in the old days.