The U Gonna die combo


Val Griffin Bucket or Hank Markov

u done and u done and guess what u fuqing done.

Val takes movement speed
Griffin takes movement speed
Bucket takes movement speed
Hank takes Battery and clip size
Markov takes Battery and clip size

we have won almost 50 matches against all monster shit we made a elite wraith quit after 2 games becuz she couldnt evolve

val can tranq a monster and keep it tranq for a few good mins and then griffin can just dome it and gg sweg money trickshots new meta og kushmane


bucket is so usefull


bucket is lyfe
bucket is my love


I approve! Played with this combo before, monster can’t even run :smiling_imp:


ty fam ty i luh u bae


Would work well once you find the Monster, yes. If the Monster is a good sneaker it could be more of a challenge, though a smart Bucket on UAV could be the key. Why not Maggie?


Well you’d have trouble hiding from it, but monster can still outrun you. If there’s a team I can’t avoid I just give them the stage one dome at a spot I can easily defend, and then haul ass to the opposite side of the map, because regardless of perks hunters can’t keep up. At stage two just go burst damage and GG. Val doesn’t have the healing to keep you up.


What does Griffin do for this team that Abe or Maggie couldn’t do better?


A good Griffin’s harpoo are by far the best CC in combat in terms of peel.


That is very debatable. And he has no way to protect himself when he uses his harpoon, so the monster can easily focus him down and stop the dome.


You lack any serious threats here to me. If that wraith couldn’t shut you down with vals lack luster healing then im going out on a limb and saying hes a booster that thinks wraith = auto win.

Griffin can’t track a good monster, so your depending on luck to find one early and that’s with a 50/50 chance of buckets uav going the right way.

So you have no good way of finding the monster, lack luster healing, and cc that makes the medic stop healing. Great.


The only problem with this forum apart from some asshole people are the fact that 90% of threads are people complaining about hunters or monsters being OP…

Not a single thing in the game is OP if you play right and tbh the combo you mentioned here isn’t even the strongest one out there


Best pupstomping comp ive run with: laz, cabot, Abe, and Parnell.
With laz and cabot booting damage the shotguns will peel armor off in about 20 seconds tops .


I’d just kill griffin, get a strike. Leave, rinse and repeat all at stage 1 gg as goliath

Edit: If you didn’t have hank that is…hank griffin combo is nastyyyyy

both need to be focused and both sustain each other.


Not to brag, but playing as monster is easy against all combos. Just pick goliath feeding rate 55% or more, and keep running, eating 2 creeps and keep moving. And if the problem about not being able to Evolve occurs, just attack the trapper, get him down. At the same time the dome goes down, while the other hunters already used their abilities run off and Evolve.

I have only lost 2 games as a monster and that was on Nest, I’ve never lost a single match in hunt. Hence I only play Goliath.


That’s what the Hank/Val is for. A monster is going to eat a lot of damage burning a 50% capacity increased Val/Hank while trying to kill a 20% MS/Jetpack recharge Griffin.


then spread dmg around between griffin and hank. take griffin melee range, and hank long range. val cant heal them both, eventually hank will run out lof capactiy. or one of them will go down.

and dont give me the excuse “ya but what if the hunters are really good?!?”

ya well what if the monster is really good too?

cabot is one of the only ones that makes you have to think quickly.

the other combos might be nasty, but the monster has plenty of time to plan attacks and make sure they land right without losing too much hp.


Long range? If you’re Goliath you only have Rock Throw as ranged. Charge/Leap get cut off by harpoons. So you will have a hell of a time getting to Hank.


and rock throw is beastly if youve got good aim and set ups. like knock griffin around so hank has to get a bad position for the line of sight. then rock throw, then proceed to pound griffin. now both griffin and hank have taken massive dmg and val has to heal both in bad positions.

eventually one will go down.

bad monsters only focus one target in a fight.


Honestly I think Hank/Caira/Griffin would be far better. Griffin would be nigh invulnerable between Caira heals and shield. You can only toss rocks at the other two due to harpoons, and rocks will only half health at worst. If you toss at caira, hank can shield her while she continues to heal griffin. If you toss at hank, caira heals him while he continues to shield griffin.