The Type Of Maps


First i’d like to say i love what you’ve done with Evolve so far and I hope it continues to improve. But there have always been three types of maps. Forest, Desert, and Tundra. I would like to see a few new types with there own wildlife. For example the inside of a ship or base. But then you would have to replace the birds with something like an alarm system that the monster could avoid, a ship could have wildlife not native to Shear and that borium stuff from the broken hill maps. another example could be a mountain type map, with its own wildlife that have adapted to live in the area. you could also have a mountain valcano hybrid, it would make me really happy since i treat the behemoth like its my baby. i know it wouldn’t be easy to do any of this but making a video game isn’t supposed to be easy. I’m not demanding any of this though i just thought, “I have an idea, someone else may already have it, but i might as well be safe.” you’ve made great imrovements thus far to the point were i dont feel like i need to demand anything. I just thought it would be cool if you did this. (I probably butchered alot of words, sorry, its 1:30 right now and this couldnt wait.)