The truth about the wraith. Settling the common bs


After thoroughly playing the wraith and having played the game for many many hours I have concluded a view on these common issues people claim exist.

lets begin with wraith being too strong,

And lets end it with why you are incorrect.
Wraith is the weakest monster in the game. This goes for numerous aspects.

People seem to look over the monster. The reason people find wraith to be overpowered is because wraith is a total noob stomper.

Evolve has a luring curve similar to coding and programming. Wraith takes advantage of the games learning curve so well and this has lead people to go up in arms because they arent educated enough or just arent analytical about games.

I use wraith mainly and hear one common thing being said, wraiths mobility is op.

This makes me laugh… because goliath is able to close distance and open distance far better… wraith has small dashes that are on straight axis to your directional location. After that you fall slowly to the ground unless holding a skill.

Goliath leaps farther, whilst falling two to three times faster. Level 3 warp blast is long because it has to be. Goliath has leap or normal jumps which can close huge distance especially if its downhill. Plus you have charge which is a sort of sprint to use inbetween stamina regen and leap cooldown

I play goliath with people going “what the f you were more mobile than the wraith”
This is because goliath is more mobile than wraith… being able to leap huge distances or traverse with either stamina or two skills with the proper fall speed and cooldowns is alot better than the short dashes in a direction of any sort. Yes the dashes allow wraith to remain airbourne. This makes her an easier target on its own. If she does go air born she has to pay for that with becoming a slow moving target with an easy trajectory to predict.

People complain about wraith wizzing around the dome. All monsters can do this if they want… except they will have alot more armor to loose before health damage.

Wraith also is the only monster to become less effective in stage 3 on some maps.

Take aviary for instance. On aviary every game I play is unbelievably close. And when I used to stage three it would be near impossible to fight and win unless you were kraken. The map leaves you with zero cover to work with as well as a wide open area with minimal elevation. Smart hunters can spread out more on this map and still be able to be effective in their role.

Cabot needs to be nerfed also. Damage amplifier is far too strong. His amp with the assault in one clip almost removes all the wraiths armor. That doesnt include the rest of the team or headshots or lazarus/val tags.

We decided to test wraiths survivability with all out damage. Cabot parnell abe and lazarus or val. We managed to pull 10.2 seconds to kill. We then tried it with the wraith moving abound and managed 18 seconds average. Depending on terrain.

Daisy’s AI is far too ridiculous. You cant leave tracks and sneak elseware daisy just hones in on You no matter what. You can literally waste a perk on the selection screen because you didn’t expect a maggie. When this happens you have to dull your play style down. Wraith suffers in mobility compared to goliath and doesn’t perform the feed and run game play As well. You can still manage fairly well. Its just stupid how when you sneak in another direction daisy just knows your x y z magically. Really really stupid and game hindering. If you leave footprints or any other indicators she should be joining in on those. Or make an invisible scent that has some seconds of exposure that she Can pick up on. Train behind the monster etc. Hunters will have to still use initiative to cut off and predict your location or path.

I feel wraiths decoy is a useless ability in high level of experience games. I never level decoy and when a wraith does its so easy to render it useless. It doesn’t assist with stealth. It hinders it. It alerts your enemies that your nearby and want to distract them. Sneaking and stealthing with the basic sneak movement and smart play allows me to weave in out and around my opponents. Decoy not only wastes skillpoints that could better serve the other skills wraith has, it also just renders more experienced players inefficiant. Its main benefit is invisible feeding. Awesome concept. But no smart players aren’t going to just shoot around the body your trying to eat. Ever. And whilst you waste time trying too you loose further effective life.

Juking the bodies without decoy to get a feed was exactly the same success rate as doing it with decoy against the higher level of play.

Also. Decoy is just plain outright boring. It is the most boring skill in the entire monster skillset. The one benefit I see it having is instead of warp blasting wildlife and eating you can slowly walk up to it kill one decoy to go kill the rest and that’s if the ai doesn’t start running in random directions trying to calculate what to do.

Using decoy to get a good angle is also rendered useless as smart hunters are always in line of sight or able to be in less than a few seconds so sneak pounceing is a waste of time. Abduction you can land and have a small range benefit as the decoy doesn’t let you go very far so you will still loose the pounce if you dare attempt it. This small more effective use does not warrant it being useful.

Wraith requires a very unique style of play to be used most effectively. Decoy does not fit the mechanical category of the other three. I feel the best decision would be to scrap it and redesign the slot altogether. There’s plenty of possible creative things you can have instead of decoy.

As I said newer and less experienced or skilled players wont feel this way. Wraith takes advantage of the games learning curve.

Anyone making statements or complaints about wraith being op honestly just has a bad attitude.

Don’t come out of anything win or loose blaming the game or other factors. Enjoy the experience by thinking about how you lost, how you want to beat them or others, how can you improve etc. Don’t play against a wraith loose then blame the game. After playing about 9 games of wraith going into a goliath match I lost. I didn’t realise I was playing goliath like I would wraith and this doesn’t work. They’re two different characters with different capabilities strengths and weaknesses… same goes for hunters. Don’t try fight a wraith like you would a goliath or kraken… Work out what needs to be done. Learn the game. Gain knowledge and experience.

This doesn’t mean everything is balanced. As I said decoy has issues and sabotages the rest of the character.

I hope I have opened and enlightened a few minds.


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