The TRS Forums Are Here to Stay


I like that :smile:


So uhh…where do we suggest things for evolve?

Why 2K…why


Damn, wasn’t expecting feels today.

Still, good to see the forums aren’t getting abandoned and that we’ll have more to see from you guys in the future. Although it won’t be Evolve, I’m expecting good things.

I suppose it’s not like you guys have a choice, but I’ll miss the hard work that was put into making the game great.

Feeling the feels tonight, boyos.



The start of your video was how I imagined your post read earlier. Please tell me you’ll still be on the forums though


Did I miss something…? Someone explain please :worried:



Of course.


I haven’t got to watch your latest video but perhaps you can use your popularity and position to make a plea through YouTube to let everyone know we do t want this to end?


Good, 'cause I wasn’t planning on leaving the forums. They’re too awesome of a place to just leave


We love you too Shaners!


This whole thing is a huge dampener to my spirit(which we all know is so sincere and true). I haven’t felt this lost since my first dog died. That’s genuinely how hard this is hitting. I usually move on from games after a year or so. All the games in the past, I’ve moved away from them before the Devs finished with DLC - even on games like CoD. But… I was hoping to hold onto this game for longer. And I know I can still play Evolve, but knowing that the fiery spirit is no longer inside it makes me feel such… Despair.

I feel glad to be part of something so amazing and unique but it hurts to see it go.

I really hope your next project is just as unique and innovative so that I can jump to its defence against all the misinformated bandwagoners until cold Death knocks the breath out of me.


This is the saddest day in my life ;_; But I will always stay with TRS #StandWithTRS


I just want to let you guys at TRS know that I really want to see your next game. I am really sad that evolve is finished, but just from that game, I know you guys have what it takes to make great games. Good luck to you.


well i hope for the best of evolves future and i wise the best of luck for TRS too.
but other then that i am not quite sure what will happened next.


Thank you very much CuteLittleKiffen. <3


That’s good to hear. It’s really sad that Evolve’s coming to an end, but it was a fantastic experience and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. You guys did great and formed an amazing community and I’m glad it’s still going to be here so I can be a part of it.

Looking forward to your next masterpiece, Turtle Rock. :slight_smile:

#38 :heart::monster:


I’ve been busy an der Stressed, of i only found out the news now…

I’ve been on the forums since the big alpha, so 2 years-ish. I haven’t been all that active since stage 2 started since I’m on console, but I still have plenty of crazy memories, the say something random thread, the fan girling thread, and of course that hilarious gif thread, and that time my Halloween thread from last year was rezzed a few months ago…

Needless to say, while I was brought here by evolve, I will stay here for the community, but I have one major question.

What will happen to the forums until you’re next project is announced?

Best of luck with this whole thing that’s going on, I’m eagerly awaiting to see what’s next


We will maintain the same atmosphere of excitement and transparency – minus patches and updates on what we can do to change the game.


Forums are still going to be here ticking along with community focus!