The TRS Forums Are Here to Stay

Dear TRS Forums Community and TRS Devs,

It’s been a crazy day!

We got a beautiful icy beast with awesome power and damn good looks! – we also got the news of Evolve being transitioned into 2K’s hands for further decision making.

I want to start by thanking each and every one of you for your support from the moment these forums were created – to the Alpha of Evolve – to now.

I came from the community and I couldn’t be more proud of not only the relationships we’ve built, but the game we built together.

It’s not everything we had dreamed of as our production was cut short – but it definitely wouldn’t have come as far as it has without you.

That being said. This is our forums. Turtle Rock Studios.

This is our community. This is our people.

I promise you no matter what choice you make: whether it is to leave or stay, you were always a part of something special – and you are always welcome back.

I will not only continue running the forums as we have in the past, but new content will be showing up consistently as we are currently working on new projects!

Although we will no longer be able to offer patch information, process hack/bug information, or take Evolve suggestions, we will be here offering you a community, new projects, and full transparency.

We’ve built much more than a community, we’ve built a family. All Evolve discussion, shared stories, and created content are always welcome here. This also includes L4D and all the new projects we have in store for you.

Thank you again for making this part of my life the absolute best.

I love you all and I look forward to continuing the legacy of TRS with you.

Kindest regards,

Shane K Meyer


This is the positivity I needed tonight. I’ll be here for all you devs and community no matter what comes next.


Pun intended?


We need to keep Evolve alive. I’ll stay for as long as that is.


6 am here… can’t still sleep xD
Gosh… i fear when my home changes…


A.K.A. All devs are leaving? :confused:

There goes my 3 and a half Months worth of databases…

Ya know, I started making a game and most of my workers are here. At the end of October ready or not I wanted to announce it…now that this has happened…that’s not going to happen, I’m pretty sure multiple people have left.

I’m actually really scared, I keep asking myself "What’s going to happen to the forums, evolve, TRS"
My answer to myself is the Forums will be abandoned just as Evolve will too, my days of enjoying reading patch notes and writing them down are over.

As I said before if all there is left or Mods / Leaders / 5 - 18 colonists I’m leaving the community, which really hurts to say but, gotta let good things go at some point

Thanks you Shane and TRS for inspiring me to make a game (We could always keep in touch through Twitter :wink: )


Hard to hear the news, but I understand the circumstances.

I noticed Evolve about a month or two after its public release pre-Stage 2, the age where I endlessly watched popular streamers have a blast playing Evolve before considering buying it. I even purchased an entirely new gaming computer just so I could run and experience Evolve for myself. I never regretted that decision; even after hearing of the playerbase complaints, I stuck around and continued having a great time.

Stage 2 was a fantastic idea and I’m sure would have been the catalyst for a major bounce-back for Evolve. I never really stopped playing Evolve. Every content update would always rope me back and leave me anticipating for more. The devs really worked hard on Evolve, and it shows in everything they did, from the content updates to the balance and bug fixes, and even shows from their communication with the community.

TRS, thanks for bringing us a fresh and unique game we could all enjoy! I look forward to what you guys have planned, and I’ll definitely stick around playing my favorite 4v1 videogame. You guys are great!


It’s an emotional night.

I love Evolve, but I also loved L4D so friggin’ much.

I’m looking forward to what you guys do next.


I want to sleep, not to cry remembering the good old times… fuck…


Other Worlds and Face your fears are their new games…vr games

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I’ve heard of both of those - unfortunately, I don’t have any VR. Here’s hoping stuff comes to a console I play! Yaaaay


That’s why I dotted the lines…I sorta wish I had a BE

But now there are Ocular Herepes…

Then where do we talk about evolve

In the evolve topics…we can’t make suggestions anymore though

That was my thought, the good thing is there will be no more slim OP thread

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I beg to differ but uh…sure :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s hard to decide if I want to stay or not. Without evolve, without many other players, and without TRS control, it just feels like this is the end. I would check up here literally everyday to see what the community was taking about. It was always really lively here and the discussions were fun, but this news has really killed the spirit. A good portion of people say that this is the end of the road for the forums and evolve. I really don’t want to believe it, but I’m slowly drifting towards acceptance.


I’m really trying hard to stay in the stronghold