The Trapjaw In The Room


So… no one else has really brought this up before, but I think it’s something that has been on a lot of our minds since the release of WLM. If you have taken more than a passing glance at Wasteland Daisy, you might have noticed there’s something… not quite right about her flamethrower. It seems to have been created with a certain… abstract shape in mind. For reference, here’s a picture of her, taken from behind.

Now, I’m genuinely curious as to how the conversation between the devs went when they were creating this particular design, and even more interested as to what their supervisors thought when this was brought to their attention. This is either a masterfully crafted subtle joke, or an oversight of incomprehensible proportions.



I don’t see it. I see a FAAAAAACE


It looks “not quite right” because your mind is not quite right.


:joy::joy::joy: Yep, definitely a penis.


Oh come on, you’re saying you don’t see it? Really? lol


I remember seeing a topic in this before, but I can’t remember who’s it was. It was shortly after Mad Maggs dropped.


I think it was @xDaRkNeZzChAoSX who made the topic, not sure :stuck_out_tongue:


I just made a Post of it on the WLM Reveal Topic not a Topic :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: but my Post got Flagge many times -.-


yup I thought that 2


Oooh and oh my >_>


I thought @Azmi_Anuar made a thread about it?



“Trapjaw on fire: The temperature is rising”




Just to clarify that this was never on my mind till you mentioned it.




A penis thread?
Welp it was bound to happen sooner or later :sweat_smile:


When I first saw Wasteland Daisy I had the same thought.:combattrapjaw:


Bro! I’m finally not the only one thinking about this!
Maybe I don’t have mental problems :smiley: