The Transition From Game to Finish


Ive seen plenty of full Evolve matches. It’s great, and they’re fun to watch. But one little thing that bugs me is the transition from the end of the match to the victory/defeat screen. It seems a bit to sudden and abrupt. I see Kraken landing onto the Support and begins to start pounding until the screen cu- KRAKEN WINS!

So yeah. Maybe there could be a smoother transition. And yes, I know that this is an early build of the game, but I hope that the full retail game won’t have such a immediate transition, as it instantly destroys immersion.

(It’s the video at the bottom of the article)


That isn’t the part that bothers me, really. I can live with it. What bugs me is the hilarious ragdolling when the Kraken loses.


Really need some good death animations in there. I thought I saw Goliath show off some death animations in an earlier gameplay video, so maybe they just haven’t gotten around to doing Kraken’s yet.


I actually agree with both @Squishie1984 and @Darwinning. I think they are both the problems. The ridiculous ragdoll of the monster (Goliath has it too…) kind of yanks you out of the game, it has no weight behind it.

And yea for it to just say “Kraken wins!” or “Hunters win!” is kind of…anti-climatic? You’ve just had a titanic struggle and it’s just…over.


The quick transition from the final kill is actually nice. I’d take that over a long animation that will get old after a week and annoy me until I eventually stop playing the game.


Even in Mobas there’s a short “build-up” animation before victory.


maybe for every few wins or losses they could have a cinematic of where if the hunters kill the monster they’re praised like heroes for protecting the public and if the monster wins then it shows whatever monster rampaging and destroying and eating the settlements, though as Vices_9 has said could get boring so maybe a few different little videos showing whats happening now monster/hunters are gone


Is it weird that I kind of like that? It is a little anticlimactic, but as a hunter that’s how I’d imagine it actually ending - hit the monster with everything until it simply gives way and falls. That said, a little more flare probably wouldn’t hurt that feeling.


It is quite funny to look at, for the wrong reasons!

I might just be nitpicking but it would be weird for say, a huge beast to just go limp and fall over without making some kind of crash to the floor because given the weight of the Monsters, you would think that they would make some sort of impact!

I would actually like to see a death animation for the Monsters, just a short one, of maybe them roaring and then crashing to the floor? And THEN transition to the winning screen.


That’s a bit pessimistic. You’d stop playing an entire game just because of an end animation that’ll only last a few seconds?


No what I mean is that the animation will be fine for a week. Once the euphoria wears off it will get annoying to see the animations. I never meant to say I would stop playing because of it.


But watching the monsters go limp like the crappy ragdoll we’ve seen for years that carries no weight and looks like a joke is better?

It looks horrible. I’d go so far as to say its unprofessional, and even downright embarrassing.
I’m certainly not gonna quit or hate on the game for it, but its seriously bad.

A quick death animation that plays out while the transition happens is the least they should do.


I think that making a whole cutscene at the end of every match will become annoying, since most people would just want to get back to the lobbies but the devs should make it so when the monster dies it looks really epic, like its a 30 ft creature falling to the ground, shouldn’t there be some sort of affect on the environment? Also there should be victory music so it’s more rewarding and makes you feel like a hero


Maybe everytime you win they can have someone walk into your room and play a victory guitar solo and if you lose a soldier comes in and plays the last post :+1: tbh though if the game itself is as amazing as it looks I couldn’t give a badgers left nut about what happens after a victory/loss


I agree. All I care about is the gameplay.


As long as it’s kept under 8 seconds, I don’t think a victory cinematic is unreasonable. It mights for a nice satisfying end to the match.

Again, mobas are a good example here. Both Dota 2 and LoL pan everyone’s camera over to the nexus (or ancient) and then after a short delay it is destroyed/explodes and then you get an announcer’s “Victory!” or “Defeat!” depending on if you won or loss with some nice music to go with it (again depending on if you won or lost). It just ends the match on a satisfying note.

Currently the banner just kind of pops up for 1 or 2 seconds and then it’s boom done.

There was nothing “announcing” victory, especially when the monster loses and it just kind of ragdolls down.


i said this before it just takes away from the game and does not feel all that epic seeing that u win screen or monster just dropping like a feather im sure they are making cool win poses for each monster and hunters if they didnt it would be very lazy which i can tell they are not


they should have a button binded to skip the animation if you get bored of watching the cinematic/animation


all the devs have to do is have a button for you to press to skip if you no longer interested in it


@Takran, I’m not even saying they need to place some sort of animation or anything of that nature; as @FrontlinerDelta put it, there’s a weightlessness to the carcass that’s comical and puts a dent in the suspension of disbelief. I’m all for a naturalistic death, but that damn monster was several stories tall and long, and it should seem that way even when it’s dead.