The Transformers topic

this is the official transformers topic, you can edit the title like the say something random thread or you could post anything transformers(not just bayformers). this thread was made in celebration of the new transformers game, transformers devastation. While I have not played it I have heard it is good. thx and have fun!

Changed the category to make it fit better.

Changed to offtopic, I’m not sure if changing the title all the time is a good call, considering the random thread got shut down because of it.

Get out of here, ninja

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shit, forgot topic in the excitement

every couple of days, also the’re just quotes

The moderators don’t take too kindly to it though.

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fien, starts drinking out of empty beer bottle with depression while the pipes are playing in the backround


god dammit I miss these guys, wish they would just scrap these dumb movies and reboot the G1 series

Except they look like they belong in the LEGO universe.

better then Liptomus prime

Personally, I like the new Transformers movies.
But you’re entitled to your opinion. ^-^

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I’m kidding.


I know~ </10char>

though I seriously like the looks of the transformers and think the designer team did an excellent job on the transformers, I just don’t think transformers belongs to Michael Bay. I can’t tell you how many kids I’ve heard yelling how “this games graphics are bullshit!”.

B-but explosions :cry:

Which game are we talking about?
I thought we were on the subject of movies :stuck_out_tongue:

this one:
pewp I cannot upload the video, games called transformers devastation btw

Ah, a game in the old art style.
But still, I prefer the new. Feel more like giant, killer war machines.
The old sorta make me think of kid’s toys, sorry.
Just not my kinda style~

you’re not dissing the old show, are you?
it had fucking grimlock, son

So did the fourth movie.

And I’m not dissing anything, just saying I don’t like the style.
My opinion, not saying I’m right or wrong.