The Thunderdome


HI All,

So i have been playing this from the beta launch and well call me a newb (note: i have over 200 hours in evolve since launch, actual launch not FTP launch) but I am not seeing this back and forth that i keep reading about in matches.

The idea as i have understood is that TRS wanted it so that matches were a series of many small battles rather than one win all or lose all fight. And yet one fight is all that the monster needs to win.

Most of my matches can be summed up in one of the following scenarios.

Type 1: Hunters find monster and trap him. Deal lots of damage to monster with no real damage done to them. Monster runs. Hunters find monster dome damage run. Dome damage run. Dome damage run ext ext until finally a win. Monster does not try to fight or simply is not able to do so effectively. The game is mostly an easy win for hunters yet they still have to go through the entire process again and again and again.

Type 2: Hunters find monster deal damage run. Hunters find monster deal damage run. Hunters find monster monster wipes team. Usually the monster gets to teir 2, throws 3 points into a single skill and use that skill to nuke a target (usually medic). In this case the hunters take almost no damage at all in the first two fights and then just die in the 3rd.

Type 3: Monster kill hunters stage 1 in first dome.

So what am i missing? What is this back and forth on damage that is supposed to be happening? Where is the get out of jail card for hunters that the monster gets with the dome timer just dropping based on damage? I have had 30 second domes. The team burned through the monsters health so fast the dome dropped in 30 seconds.



Well I also have been in the Game since the Big Alpha and with the new dome changes Ft3 doesn’t exist anymore.

@skills4u2envy and I ran into a Wraith that just wanted to sit in the dome. If it does that twice (which it did) it was already in the last like 90 seconds of the match and only at Stage 2. The 5 minute Dome is punishing when the match is only 12 min long.

If it wasn’t for the new players we were with who kept trying to kill it and dying instead, we would have won the match because he just ran around.


It’s harder, but not impossible.


If your team knows what they are doing it is almost impossible.

Monster gets a 30 second Head Start, lets say Hunters dome immediately for the full 5 minutes. Now we are at 5:30. Next you have an 80 second Cooldown (1:20) so your next dome is available at 6:50. If the team domes as soon as the dome is ready and goes another full 5 the dome comes down at the 11:50 mark. 10 seconds til match over.

Now if the Monster engages they pause in the final 4:00, but if a team doesn’t engage the Monster either then the Monster really only has the first 30 seconds and the 80 second CD of the dome to Evolve TWICE.

Now if you had newbies like we did, then just one of them trying to be a hero blows it. Had they just listened to us the Wraith would have lost.


Agreed, the dome in this version is insane. I have honestly felt like I have been playing the old Arena mode instead of Hunt. So much so that depending on the Hunter comp I rarely go to far from the start point, just get it over with you know.