The three playstyles I've seen


Throughout my evolve game time, I’ve seen three strategies of gameplay used overall, and here they are;

Revolver: This style is focused on the auto load feature, with said hunter switching to another item after the former ran out of ammo, then recycling between the these.

Spammer: This focuses on laying down constant fire on the monster, no matter what class. With there aim always focused on there target, these players make use of their assault rifles and harpoons to never give the monster a break.

Valkeries: Swooping in from the skies, these players give their teammates constant overwatch, with either a healing beam or a shielding device in hand. These hunters are able to relentlessly support there teammates.

Revolver: Caira: 4 napalm, 4 heal
Spammer: Abe: constant stasis 'nades
Valkeries: Hank: Consistant shielding


Is this just an observation or a complaint? As the most negative person on the forum I need to know how to react.


Observation, so how exactly did you get the title of most negative person on the forum?


You might want to change Abuser to Spammer, abe isn’t abusing anything really.

Overall i agree, but you forgot the tactical, like maggie placing traps near lazarus, or bucket placing turrets to prevent body camping.


I was just exaggerating. Nice observation though man.


I want to see your observation on monster play styles.


Looks more or less like a complaint especially the “Abuser” part…really thats the best you could come up with?



Sonic: This style focuses on running until you are stage 3 before wrecking the team, with said monster having a keen observation of where the trapper is at all times so as to avoid being domed. Usually the monster will have nearly full health and armor at stage 3.

Baiter: This focuses on purposely not hiding from sight from the hunters and constantly baiting them into disadvantageous terrains or situations for fights. Monster can usually get a couple of strikes on the hunter team or even a total wipe, at the cost of some health. Usually happens at stage 2.

Roamers: Tries to eat whatever it can find to get to stage 3 if possible, but does not cower from hunters if they are seeking for a fight. These monsters try to get a strike in such an engagement if possible, but would rather play a little more defensively for the next encounter otherwise.


You forgot the most popular:

Sneaker: Leaves no tracks whatsoever, hides in a bush if the hunters are within smell range, even if Maggie is on the team. Ends up losing at stage 1 because he gets domed with no armor, at stage 3 near the relay because he doesn’t know how to fight properly, or because time runs out.


You forgot the most important type…

The Scrub: All around awful team player. Goes off and does his own thing. Will die to wildlife. Knows what the pings are but doesn’t use them. Plugs a mic in but doesn’t talk, just breathes into it. Will revive teammates when you’re Lazarus when he knows what Lazarus does to get extra XP. Will try to solo the monster, class doesn’t matter. Will not dome the monster as trapper. Will not do damage as the assault. Will not heal you as the medic. Will provide no support. The scrub has a near 100 percent success rate in causing good teams to lose and should be avoided at all costs.


I’m a master baiter, I love luring hunters into a pair of armadons.
I bait trappers into wasting domes in bad spots for them and then proceed to hunt them as they have no dome. Muajajahahahahahahahahahahhahaa


Seems like an observation.


The idea of this is so funny but it’s sad because it’s real.


Trust me, you certainly aren’t the most negative.