The thread of Derailing!

Here in this thread your not supposed to go on topic and is supposed stay as derailed as much as possible.

Lets begin with a conversation, What super powers do you guys want?

Shapeshifting would be swaggy.

To cause cancer.

I would love to have the power to change between two forms, my cybersquid overlord form and my human form.

If i started talking about derailing threads, would that count as not derailing this one, or would it specifically be derailing since you asked me to derail and i went off of that topic by talking about the original request to derail??


I’d want the power to reopen THAT thread.

And the shipping thread.

We already derailed!

We started this in the other thread. Someone merge it quick!

How do you stay on topic in a thread where the topic is to not stay on topic? If you continue a conversation with anyone are you considered off topic and risk getting the thread closed?


Anything we say is considered Derailing in this thread :smiling_imp:

This is going to become the new ‘say something random’ thread.

RIP in peace, old discussion thread.

there’s no reason to censor legends (if you’re talking about the random thread)

Lols kirby had a toilet for breackfest.

Meh. Fine by meh ^^

okay guys lets try not to derail by derailing okay.

It’s like talking to no one >.<

…why though

And why should I? :confused:

And thats the story on how wraith got murdered by a coyote.

No cookies at this thread? Need them to get armor.

I’m thinking he’s probably talking about the wraith thread. I never dared enter THAT thread.