The Thread for really bad jokes


how come so many people are good at this ? does that mean everybody is a weirdo like me ?

The Princess used that joke in one of Houngangge videos. total facepalm but her reaction was hilarious


Im not short, im verticaly challanged


Why did the boy fall off his bike?

His mother threw a fridge at him.

A man woke up in a hospital after a car crash,
He then calls the doctor and yells.

“Doctor Doctor!, i can’t feel my legs!”

The doctor said.

I know, i amuptated your arms

A man walks into a bar.

His alcoholic addiction is tearing his family apart


@Axilla …you know that to do…


I es no engles


Whats the diffrence between a noodle, and a banoodle?



it means that joke was one of those that you go “really?” to because of how corny it is

and i think that’s a good thing tho


What do you call a tavern of black birds?
A crowbar.


This is :goldkey: right here!




I love Bad Joke Eel.


What does one ocean say to another ?
Nothing,they just waved


What do you call a boomerang that doesn’t come back?

A stick!


By any chance, do you watch Game Grumps ?

Whoop, gonna post some more.

What is invisible and smells of carrots ?

Rabbit farts.

What did one snowman ask the other ?

Do you smell carrots ?

What do eskimoes get from sitting on the ice too long ?


I tried to catch some fog last night.

I mist.

What did the traffic light say to the car ?

Don’t look at me, I am changing !


I’m not short,i’m just vertically challenged

My height are not below average,i’m simply having problem with perpendicularity

The vertical measurement of mine are not fall under the value of what many people consider normal,as i are more than likely to engage obstacle facing high value of altitude

I would like to inform you that the statement regard the number present my distant between the top of my cranium and the bottom of my lower extremities,which does not equivalent to the common value accepted and agreed by biggest portion of local Homo sapiens is impossible to be the truth and thus deem this statement false.However i have many disadvantage when myself get crossed in the path of object which can be indicate by many mathematician as the Z axis

I asked for @Axilla permission so no one’s feeling got hurt


I never expected this from a forgein


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I must put my favourite bad joke here >.<

Why did the bike stop?

Cus it was Two-Tyred (too tired) :^)

Also, jokes here aren’t half bad! >.<
~not including mine~

This joke was so bad Master Forge took pity and liked it >_<
Thank you for your donation ;~;

#59 english are a bit rusty tbh


What do you call a fish without eyes?

A fsh!