The thread for animators/modelers


This is a thread I have created that is for animators or modelers to discuss or share animation or modeling things, such as your creations, asking for advice, or just talking about it general.

If your not an animator or modeler you can still discuss animation or modeling things.


Does stop-motion count? I’ve been folling around with Stikbots recently but haven’t made anything really worth posting yet. I need far better lighting, but the potentional is there for having some fun!


Oh yeah stop motion counts. Man I remember when stop motion animation used to be a huge thing. Have you had any experience with 3D animation before?


You mean animation with computer software? Nah. I wish.


There is a free 3D animation software that’s really good and it’s called blender.


@skills4u2envy probably could provide a lot of input


I used to do this a lot back when I played second life.


My current college assignment requires me to make a short animation using a 3D modelling software called 3DS Max. Though I’ve also done some stop-motion when I was younger (mainly Lego :slight_smile: )


Well hello fellow modelers and animators :smiley:

Not really sure what to share here, so I’ll just share what I did for my final exam at the school where I learned 3D. I was given two weeks to do whatever I felt like, so I decided that I would create a sci-fi soldier and some sort of monster and pose them together. This decision was definitely influenced by my love for Evolve :wink:

Here’s a video with a turntable of the two characters!

And here’s a small album with some stills.

I shared this on the forum as soon as I had handed it in, so some of you might have seen it from that original post. But there’s no harm in sharing again I guess :smiley:


I must of missed it the first time so superb work!



I made this thing a while back. Right now I really wanna make a Monster vs Hunter in 3D like @Bloodish . I just need to find the time. :slightly_smiling:
Any plans of making another one yourself, Bloodish? I’d love to see more! :smiley:


I saw that a while back, good job btw. The peeve I have with it is that I’m used to higher resolution textures and them having bump mapping (if it doesn’t, I can’t really tell; just took a quick glance and examined some details up close).

You remember what resolution you used for the alien monster?


Wauw, that’s neat. Loving the monstrosity. Nice details with the wrinkles and such :smiley:

And I don’t have a lot of free time to make cool monsters these days. Right after my final exam I nailed a job at a studio that makes series and film for children. Loving my job, but I don’t get to model monsters unless I find the time when off work D:


I agree with you. The textures on the monster are unfortunately too low res and it really shows when up close T_T

It’s a 2K texture. But everything on the monster is collected on one UV, so it was simply not big enough for it.

Same res for the soldier, but for him it works a bit better due to his size and such.


Well, it is what it is. Glad you snagged a job that you love. :slightly_smiling: I have a strong programming background, but I have dabbled in modeling just a tad, nothing major, so I have some understanding of the process. I can’t make anything like that though. lol


Nice job on the monster. I know people have already seen my work on the forums. Also how did you UV texture it? What way did you do it? Did you UV unwrap the monster and added the texture? Or did you make separate UV unwraps for filling in the texture properly?

But anyways nice job.


I unwrapped in Maya and then exported the unwrapped character as an .obj and imported into Substance Painter. In this program I then painted and shaded it (although I still had to tweak the shaders quite a bit once I got it back to Maya).

It was my first time really trying out substance painter. Had a good time with it and have used it for a lot of stuff since :smiley:


Thats neat, was the coloring job done by the program or was it just your talent that made the texture look good?


All me :slight_smile: Just several brushes, layers, masks and stuff like that.
I’d estimate that I spent around 8 work hours texturing each character.