The Thoughts of a Writer (How I write)


So with my recent endeavors, I thought I should explain a little bit of how I write, what I write about, and what I mean by my writing.

How I write:
How I write doesn’t vary too much. I have a certain style that I like and a certain way of how like to write. It usually comes down to how I feel about the subject or person or how I feel such things should be portrayed. My writing comes to me in an instant, I never pre think or prewrite any of my work. What I post is unedited and lure in form. I usually write while listening to music and on a couch with the lights dim and the area quite. This gets me in the mood of writing and allows me to be more open to concepts.

What I write about:
What I write about varies, but the idea behind them never change. I write very philosophically, about my feelings and emotions, and spiritually. Most revolve around past people or civilizations in which I interpret and infuse my characters or story in. A good example would be my most recent work for @TheMountainThatRoars, @Buckets_Sentry_Gun, @Plaff, and @Takran. These stories involved me looking back and adopting these modern people into a fictional or ancient time.

What my writing means:
As stated before, it’s supposed to look like my views on life among other complex things. How humans react to each other or how people get treated. Everything is hyperstylized. Certain aspects of a character or story can mean many things. An example would be when I described @TheMountainThatRoars and @Buckets_Sentry_Gun armor. Their armor represented them as people. Their honor. It showed how I felt they were and are and described their personality.

If anyone has questions, please do ask, I want to answer them.


You mentioned that when you write, many of the things you do have deeper meanings. Are those there when you first write or do you ad those later on? In my writing I tend to work towards what would best work in this situation, then add pieces with deeper meanings. I feel this makes it somewhat muddled, so I’m interested in how I could work to improve that.


Everything is feed in, if that makes sense. It’s all incorporated and cemented.


I’m a writer, too. Since I write 90k+ word books, however, the lessons I normally teach are either sectioned or spread out. Haha

Where did you first get your inspiration to write in such a style? Why is dark and quiet (save for music) help you write? So nothing pre-written and no post-write revisions by other people?


Everything is done by me in an instant. The area I write helps set mood. My style is just something that I adopted.


I’m sorry that didn’t answer this.

My Inspiration for writing comes from a childish drive of creativity. @VenomQuill


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