The thought for new hunter's


I would love to see a hunter with whips or maybe even switching his jetpack for a grappling hook.


Lol. I can imagine a Trapper doming and whipping a Goliath, taming it and making it do stunts in a circus. :stuck_out_tongue:


I would like to see a trapper trying to tame a Goliath with a whip.


Grappling hook? ^.-
How efficient would that be though?


Not very.

But I could see it working with a melee assault. You hook on and close the gap, smack smack. Lol


That would be fun, but not very viable imo.


Everyone keeps saying they want a melee Hunter. That to me would be one way to make it happen

I personally don’t want one


Possibly as his special ability or something. I don’t see the point though, the most viable is long ranged combat. Imagine trying to fight a Kraken like that; they would dodge around constantly.


Yes as a special. Not replacing his jet pack lol. It would be like his grenade ability or super soldier. To close the gap.


Yass. And then it could coincide with a heavy hit from the melee weapon.

If there was a Hunter who actually meleed a giant Monster…I’d have to start playing Assault a lot more.