The third tier


So we know that Evolve is going to ship with three sets of hunters and three monsters and that each hunter and monster has a unique play style. Two sets have already been revealed. I’ve been trying to think of what they could do with each of the last set of hunters and the monster that would make them different but still effective than the ones we already know about. This is what I have come up with:

MEDIC: So we have one medic who’s main ability is to focus her healing on one hunter at a time and offer some support for fighting the monster, and another who has very limited healing ability but can bring hunters back from the dead without incurring a strike. I am thinking the third medic may focus on more of an area of effect healing be dropping down a few (three maybe) med kits that regenerate the hunters’ health when they are with in a few yards of them. They would heal would slower than Val’s med gun but would have the potential to heal all of the hunters at once. The monster would have to keep destroying the med kits as the medic puts them down to keep them from healing up.

SUPPORT: Hank prevents damage by shielding his teammates and denying ground to the monster (via Orbital Strike), Bucket accomplishes this same feat by littering an area with sentry guns and helping to track the monster before he evolves. I am thinking the third support character may be able to temporarily buff the rest of the hunters. When he burns his ability any hunters within range of the support would gain an increase in damage output or decrease in damage they take (or both). His other ability could be to project holograms of hunters to confuse the monster.

ASSAULT: Markov plays a long range defensive style of combat, Hyde is up close, personal, and all offense. To me what that leaves is a hit and run type of dude, someone who waits for the right moment, then moves in and deals lots of damage real quick and then gets out, I am thinking he has some kind of very high powered weapon with low ammo and is on cooldown. His other ability would be something to help create that “right moment”.

TRAPPER: Both trappers keep the monster in check with harpoons, one tethers it to the ground and the other tethers it to himself. The only thing different I can think of is a trapper that nets the monster instead of tethering it. The netted monster would still be able to move but would be limited in its attacks until it breaks the net. As far as finding the monster goes I thought he may have a sort of cannon that fires a device that can ping a decent size area as it flies through the air and continue to do it for a moment after it lands, a sort of sonar-projectile type thing.

MONSTER: I feel like I could spend hours coming up with different types of monsters. The one I see people mention the most is a monster than uses stealth to sneak up on the hunters. While that sounds interesting I have a somewhat different idea of what I’d like to see in the final monster. A monster that causes confusion and chaos among the hunters and strikes while they are dealing with the turmoil. I am thinking the monster could have a kind of area of effect ability that not only deals damage to the hunters caught within but also obscures their vision making it more difficult for them to engage their target. I have two ideas for a second ability that are sort of in the same vain. The first being the the monster could hatch or birth three to five lesser creatures that would harass the hunters and force the hunters to fight them. The other one I have in mind is a kind of pheromone the monster could spray on the hunters that would cause the wildlife in the vicinity to go into a rage and attack any hunter (or creature) that has been sprayed (this ability wouldn’t cause cause large wildlife such as megamouths to attack though, that would be unbalanced). The monster’s other two abilities would be geared to causing direct damage, ideally while the hunters are dealing with the chaos the from the one of or both of the first two abilities. Given that it has been hinted that the third monster will be able to borrow underground (I am assuming this would replace Goliath’s leap and Kraken’s flying) I think these kinds of abilities would go well with that for surprise attacks and causing more misdirection for the hunters.

That is what I have come up with for each of the five classes. What do you guys have for each one?


Might as well jot these down since I’ve been thinking about it for a while anyways!

Medic: Silly as this may sound, I found a healing dynamic that I first saw in the original Borderlands and always thought was clever. Friendly fire! The medic would have a futuristic cauterizing gun of some sort. Where as Val provides constant gradual healing. This new medic will have large bursts of healing. It would have to fire in a cone area of effect in front of her that could hit multiple hunters and heal for a large amount. Allowing them to be a battle medic of sorts.

Support: This one really is the hardest one for me. But I was thinking that they would have an ability/gun that would apply stealth to others in exchange for the ability to stealth themselves. This would allow the hunters to play hide and seek at will, without having it be totally overpowered.

Assault: One word. Shotgun. The most iconic of guns has yet to have a real translation into the game. I would love to see a shoulder mounted giant shotgun that would have a decent cool down, but have the payoff of massive damage.

Trapper: I was thinking maybe he has a short range motion detector, like in the Aliens movies that would allow them to track particularly stealthier monsters.

Monster: One of two options would be fine with me. First off, something of a giant mole or hedgehog monster that is draped in spikes that is a bit faster and has a burrow ability.
Other people have talked about it, and I think a multi form monster would be awesome in the vein of a caterpillar turning into a beautiful butterfly… Of death


well i have some ideas but i put them into “What are some ideas you think Evolve should add” and i encourage anyone to go check them out there quite long and very descriptive the only class i had nothing for was support though i love the idea for the burrow idea on the monster as a replace for a leap smash instead of jumping to location he causes rubble to fly knocking anyone standing on the beating past doing some dam while exploding out of the hole at exit the only thing wrong with it is say your on a cliff face and you want to burrow to a lower lvl though im sure TRS would do it would be hard to make it work right.



Lmao @MacMan


Sits there laughing at us while we debate new monsters and hunters… IT’S SICK

If you want more debate you should give us a small small hint on the new monster :slight_smile:


You all are the best! :sunny:

This is why I think Evolve will last for many years after release. There are so many good ideas that need trying!


I love the fact that a game can last many years most of the time though it’s up to the developers if they want to keep making content for it, so I think we are on the same page haha XD


I’m gonna go into the mountains and freeze myself. Someone come thaw me out in October! Only thing to make this wait bearable!


I definitely want to see a monster that can tunnel underground. A worm-type thing. Sounds OP, but maybe it could be really susceptible to ground explosives and the harpoon gun and harpoon traps can pull it out from underground. Might be difficult to balance but I think the team can pull it off.


The reality is that we do what we love, but we need money to do it.

So we have to be a business first. It gives us the freedom to make games that nobody else is making that we want to play. whew!

The only way we can keep working on the game is if DLC is successful. 2K has a really good history here. Boarderlands DLC sells like crazy. My fingers are crossed that Evolve DLC will sell even better because new characters and monsters represent entirely different ways of playing the game without splitting the community.

If we’re right, we will all benefit. :slight_smile: Even if you don’t own a DLC monster, you still get to fight against it if someone else has it!

DLC Enquiry - Fragmenting the Community

As long as it’s not like $10 for one monster, I think it’ll sell well! (Personally I’d pay $20, you guys deserve it!)


Honestly. Considering how much time, effort and money it takes into making and balancing a monster. $10 a monster sounds like a fairly low ball bid but it’s safe to say half the community will probably pay any price asked of them!


10 dollars for a monster seems really fair I would pay for that.


hhmmm…I love a bit of speculation! lets see:

Medic - Since Res and Med-beam are taken, I picture something like the pilot from battlefront that drops health packs, or perhaps something like healing AOE mines like in warhawk. That would provide the team with more numerous heals, but require more player interaction to claim them.

Trapper - with both grapple mines and grapple gun on the table, I would guess that the next trapper may have something like the just cause 2 grapple, where the player shoots the grapple like griffin, then latches that to another surface to help guide the monster’s movements. Perhaps they will have some heat-vision goggles or heartbeat detector to help their hunting.

Support - we have an offense support and a defense support, so it would make sense for the next support to be utility. Perhaps they could have some kind of tool to reduce cooldowns on weapons and jetpacks. Or even something to help positioning like a TF2 teleporter or maybe something that can displace allies like a grab/throw ability. That said, I LOVE the idea of a hologram making support. mind games are so much fun!

Assault - With hyde’s close range focus, and Markov’s mid range/zone control focus, the next assault could have some form of extra long range artillery? I feel that assault is the hardest to innovate on, and I have a hard time picturing what may come.

Monster - SO many possibilities here. One idea could be an insect like monster, something sort of spider like. It could use webs to grapple around the map making little domains for itself and walk along walls and ceilings. I know burrowing is popular, and for such a monster, it could make sense for stealthy movement. Another option that is popular is something predator like that is a little more small and sneaky than the other monsters. Whatever form it takes, I hope the third (or even DLC monster) uses some form of crypsis to hide or misdirect hunters - look like a bush and have them walk right past! An alternative sneak tactic could be misdirection - maybe it can appear to split into two and run in opposite directions. who knows what form it could take?!

Whatever the design, turtle rock has blown me away with their monster work. They may be the best sci-fi monsters I’ve ever seen. here is a fun speculation - with goliath’s red glow and kraken’s blue glow, what color will the next monster glow at full armor? My bet is on green. If not that then probably yellow.

EDIT: I’ll also put my guess in that Abe will be a hunter based on the gamespot trailer dialogue, as it has not been confirmed yet.


I don’t mean to say their work isn’t worth it. Hell, I’d pay $20 for a monster because they damn well deserve it. I friggin love the 3D models, so good! I just mean in a general sense, many gamers might find a $10 price a bit steep for the amount of gameplay they get out of it (it’s a friggin 3D monster!!! So worth!). Which is totally wrong in my opinion because they deserve it for the work they have to put in. Sadly, many gamers don’t think about the well-being of the developer and the time and effort, and only think about what they get out of it, and compare it to other games where similar monetization methods are being used. It sucks, but people will compare this game to MOBAs in terms of single character sales even though this game is way beyond and in my opinion far superior.

$8 would make more sense. I know it doesn’t seem like much of a difference, and people may think that’s a weird price, but gamers are so used to seeing the $10 pricetag, that even a tiny $1-$2 change can make a world of difference. It changes the whole feeling of the purchase between seeing a two-digit and one-digit purchase. It doesn’t make much sense if you think about it, but most of the time when people make single character purchases, it’s an impulse buy, and impulse buys are ruled by your instinctive feeling. That change from a two-digit to one-digit price may make the difference between someone feeling, “I don’t have much money to spend on games, maybe I shouldn’t” to “oh $8, that’s like nothing, I got that”.


As far as a new monster is concerned, it seems like there would be limited types of playstyle to draw on. Goliath is all about brute strength and in-your-face melee, Kraken is all about maneuverability and range. How many other concepts like that can you structure a monster around?

I can really only think of a stealth-based monster, as others have suggested, or a crowd-control monster with lots of immobilizing abilities that could help isolate or delay the hunters.


I only have one fully thought out idea for medic.

Imagine this medic as a chemical warfare, mad scientist type hunter. The medic is just as interested in studying and learning from the monster as they are killing it. This medic’s theme is that most of their abilities have different effects depending if they were used on the monster or hunters.

1 - The first ability drops a health pack/canisters loaded with special chemicals inside. When hunters walk near them it triggers a small puff of mist that restores health. These packs also act as mines against monsters. If a monster walks over it, the pack instead triggers an explosion of acid spray. The monster could choose to purposefully walk over them in order to deny health packs at the expense of his own health.

2 - The main gun is a special weapon that shoots darts loaded with a substance that enhances hunters but poisons monsters. Shoot it at a monster and it will do damages over time. Shoot it at a hunter and it moderately enhances movement speed and health regeneration (think an adrenaline shot). The DOT against the monster does not stack, so the medic only needs to shoot it every so often at the monster, which allows the medic to focus more on helping the other hunters. When zoomed in, the weapon displays a thermal image (think predator) which analyzes the monster’s biology and displays weak spots. If the medic shoots that spot on the monster with a dart, it creates a weak spot that all hunters can see. This weak spot lasts longer and gives a higher damage multiplier than even Vals weapon, but you can only have one active at a time. This weak spot refreshes and relocates on the monsters body, and the medic must keep up with it throughout the match.

3 - The third ability is something that mixes things up a bit for the medic class. When playing against Val or Laz, the medic is the monster’s priority target. With this ability the monster may rethink that strategy. Imagine Singed from league of legends, and you’ll get a good idea how this might work. When the medic activates this ability, he starts releasing gas that lingers for a bit and as the medic moves it leaves a trail. The gas basically increases the medic’s (and other hunters inside the gas) movement speed and health regen, but for the monster it is the exact opposite. He moves slower and slowly loses health while inside the gas.

4 - Fourth ability is the heal burst of course

This medics healing is not as immediately protective as Vals or game changing as Laz, but its a medic that is hard to kill and can make other hunters hard to kill as well.


Assault: I no we have the upclose hyde. But I wanna be closer! I want a big Polynesian brute smacking monsters with a hammer! His second weapon can be like a single shot rocket so he has the burst like mentioned above.

Support: I like the buff maybe a red damagw buff gun. Then his second weapon can be a grabbling hook that can pull him to terrain. Or pull teammates to him. Creating sick saves and escapes. Also to make it more inviting, he can pull downed teammates.

Medic: u guys have great ideas already. But maybe instead of a gun to add amplifiers he jus carries a bag full of eroding grenades that paint the monster for additional damage.

Trapper: alot of slows. But what about stuns? Whether it be mines or a gun that needs to hit a good amount. Stuns the monster in some way. Cud be static, cud be concusive. For tracking…a cool eagle thing that has to find and THEN come back giving an approximation of where the monster WAS. Making you really hafta track him down by guessing his next move.


I know I wouldn’t want to get close enough to a goliath to hit it with a hammer, and I doubt any assault would want to get that close either! That is a cool, original idea, but I just don’t think it would work.