The thing pisses me of about Daily Sign-in rewards. (And some suggestions)


Is how it fluctuates from low gain to high gain and then goes low again over the coming sign-ins, the amount should stabilize and be more consistent example 800 after amount of days. Not have it go back to 100 keys.

Rewards like bigger stacks of keys, skins, and perks should be corner stone rewards (with the exception of Adaptations) that you get when signing in say every fifth day or every tenth day. While keys keep things consistent throughout those in between days, we can say that those are major rewards.

This is how some FTP games do DSR and for the most part it feels very satisfying, and how I’ve liked my rewards.
I don’t like seeing it fluctuate back to 1500 then 500 and then to whatever random numbers. I want more rewards that have more consistency, for my consistency to sign in and play.