The technique of the "I am in circle aroun' ya"


Hey, have you ever heard this phrase from a young Boston runner? No?
This gif can give you an idea?
Well, if you don’t even know what that is…huuu…nevermind

I’m not really going to talk about TF2, nah, really not. This time I’m going to talk about a technique that a bunch of hunters practice during a fight against a monster in Evolve.

Replace the red medic by a tree/rock/building and imagine that the blu scout is the hunter (and you), does it remind you something this time? No? Really?..
I call this the “I am in circle aroun’ ya” technique, why do I talk about that? Because when you play as a monster, you can sometimes see that some hunters tries to dodge your attacks by simply running in circle around something while you try to run after them.
This technique works well, very well…even too well…it’s funny when you play as a hunter but it’s not for the monster.

I personally have never used this technique because it gives frustration to the monster and also because I don’t know how to practice it properly. I also think that the devs weren’t suspecting that this technique could exist in this game, I mean, it’s not their fault, they have never thought about that. It’s the community who has found and used it, but the community shouldn’t be blamed for that.

Before I finish this thread, I let you chose your side:



I legitimately switched to a gorgon/kraken/behemoth main to counter this tactic specifically. Your ability to cheesily kite the monster is reduced massively, when I can create areas that your not allowed to go. Lest your willing to eat banshee mines, acid spit/spider trap, or lava bombs

Smokey don’t play that s#!t


I see what you want to mean, you put a trap behind you while you chase the hunter, is that correct? Or I’m wrong?


Yeah trying to kite a Gorgon is a lot harder than it sounds. The only monsters that truly suffer from this tactic are, IMO, Behemoth, Wraith and Goliath. I don’t agree that lavabombs are that good a good counter but they are a step up from the issues Goliath has at least!


Where ever those little cockroaches are running around. The exact method of where and how I use the ability depends on the exact situation that I find my self in. Generally, any over time, area of affect ability (lava bomb and acid spit) or mine type abilty (spider trap) is my go to when hunters start kiting me

If their climbing walls than light that bad boy up

If their boosting straight up then light your feet up (or where they will land) and force them to waste ALL their jetpack repositioning

If they are running a stupid circuit than take note of it’s path and lay your area of denial in the path of the circuit


Yea I would say that goliath and behemoth have about the same amount of issues with being kited by hunter. At least behemoths kit is all about controlling the positioning of the hunters… so with the right build your much more apt to deal with it

I’m a Ps4 player though so you know my behemoth opinion is biased :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Isn’t that just using the environment? Maybe the monster should not win, if it can not hit a hunter with his abilities.


Well you won’t win… That’s why I’m explaining how to use your abilities to hit those cheesy cockroaches and their little jetpacks…


I think a nice solution could be to let Goliath’s fire breath temporarily set the ground and trees and things on fire.


That sounds unbalanced, cause some maps got plants, others didn’t.


But the main thing is terrain, floors and walls.

Wouldn’t deal direct damage, just set anybody who touches it on fire.


I find Goliath’s firebreath is one of the better anti pillar humping abilities in the game actually. The only one who kinda has an issue is Wraith, everyone else is fine. However, Wraith doesn’t, or I should say shouldn’t, be chasing hunters around a pillar. He starts back and either darts in with WB or Abduct and juggles from that. Hunter chasing usually happens when you’re ignoring your abilities. This can happen when your on tilt or last man standing and want to try and end if without too much thought.


Maybe the Decoy will fix this problem too.

Got it. A bit like Gorgons acid-spit with a longer duration, but you have to keep breathing fire.


When you are on tilt, do you mean when you become the target of the monster? Because I remember that I was playing in arena, the game starts and I run into the medic. Then suddenly, he starts to run away by simply running around a big pillar, I couldn’t even hit him, even trying to stop him with the rock wall ability wasn’t working, this just gave me anger against the guy who was playing the medic.


Tilt meaning that you are being more responsive instead of active in your controls and thoughts. Reactive instead of active. You are letting the other player(s) dictate your choices more so than yourself. Normally if you just sit back for a sec you can come up with a better plan than chasing.


So, it’s like analysing the situation and doing a plan to be more careful? Like you calculate what will happen and what you have to do?


Correct. Being on tilt comes from table top spinners when the spinner begins to ‘tilt’ and get unbalanced. The term carries over for when something throws off your game. Whether its pressure, opportunity or false sense of an advantage. So you play sub optimally.


I know @Insane_521 talked about these things in a stream he did about Evolve maps, so at least they are aware of the issue.


Everytime this happens I dream of Evolve being an action film where Goliath would just grab the fucking tree and tear it out of the ground to reveal the wimpering Medic behind it.

But alas - video game.
A video game where I get destroyed playing merry go round against them.


I dont really see how they could hurt the main game by removing all of the little unclimbable objects that let people do this.


To me this technique only truly works against Goliath. However the tiny little ledges he can’t just walk over is the bane of behemoths existence.