The suspension of DownLikeSyndrome


[quote] This user is suspended until January 13, >>2289<< 6:48pm.
Reason: Inappropriate behavior and language.[/quote]

I’m not surprised to see DownLikeSyndrome suspended and all, but the last couple of times you guys suspended him, it was for a couple of weeks or a month… Not for like… A bizillion years. Did he really do something bad enough to deserve 274 years off the forum? Wouldn’t a year or five be enough?

I just feel like 274 years is a little much for inappropriate behavior and language, taking into consideration that he’s 15 years old. (According to the “Who are you” thread anyway). Perhaps in 20 years he’s a changed man?

Iunno. Just my humble opinion of course. Mayhaps this should have just been a PM to a mod or something? Do what you want cause a pirate is free.

Y’all have a nice day now. :smile:

Say Something Random 5.2

I second this motion. @DownLikeSyndrome will be suspended until after the U.S.S. Kelvin is destroyed by the Naradu in 2233.04. The Enterprise aided by Spock will have destroyed the Naradu by the time he is allowed to come back to these forums?! Seems like a long time to confine someone to hypersleep.




This totally isn’t worth a thread of it’s own.


Well i wish best of luck to him and hope to see him again when i reincarnate 3 more times :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol we will all be monkeys by then led by the… Huh that’s funny I forgot the planet of the apes storyline lol


So does this mean his IP address is banned or his user profile is banned and can make another


Lol, at least he gets to meet APEraham Lincoln:p


And his favorite tier 3 hunter will be APE :slight_smile:


Yes. Yes he did.


Honestly, DownLikeSyndrome was lucky that it was only a few hundred years, if it was up to me it would have been a permanent.

Discussion of moderation is not permitted so I would suggest to just deal with the punishment user has received and learn from it.