The Surge Discussion


Who needs anesthesia right?

Anybody else going to get The Surge?


I got it last night and played for an hour before sleep. Great game so far, the combat is reminiscent of Bloodborne, but still has some mechanics like Dark Souls, game is moderately difficult I say considering my experience in the other games.

I will be sure to post a longer review when I get more playtime, but until then my partial review states that I can recommend this game for SoulsBorne players.


So what exactly is it? Like mechanized Dark Souls?


Yuppers. Except you get weapons/ armor off of enemies. Like that helmet that enemy has? Target his head and cut it off with a finisher and you might get the helmet/schematics for it.


Oh that’s pretty fresh. I’ll have to check it out.


Mind you, I have very little knowledge on this game, I pre-ordered it a few days ago and then found out it comes out today…


I find this guy pretty decent at detailing about games that are worth buying or not without spoilers and gives enough info that you can usually get an idea if it’s for you.


Whew. Done with work, time to go pick up The Surge.


So there’s these security guards that are grossly strong. One hit and I’m dead. Not to mention that it seems there’s always two together. Managed to lure one away and

He got scuffed up.


Not trying to derail, but I love ACG’s reviews. Some of the best out there in my opinion. Not too long, covers the game broadly and in depth (I mean, who else reviews the audio nowadays?) and so on.


I agree. I don’t always agree with his reviews (But really, no one can 100% get your same opinion) but he covers enough that people with any conscious critical thinking will know if it’s for them or not :slight_smile:


I really like the whole ‘buy, wait for sale, rent, never touch’ thing. I don’t like reviews that use numbers so this is a good alternative for summarising in my opinion.


I agree. Numbers are bad because people think a 7/10 is terrible. People these days are like 0 or 10s, nothing in the middle. Personally, if I ever reviewed games I would just compare it to similar games that if you liked you might like as well or dislike counters.


God ducking damn it. Trying to kill this boss in a particular way so I can get a stronger version of his weapon but I miss and hit his weak spot, killing him. -_-