The superior Russian (Markov vs B.Markov)

I’d like to know your opinion on who’s better, Blitz Markov or OG markov. Poll: Best Russian. •Blitz Markov. •OG Markov

I messed up the poll😭

  • Blitz Markov
  • Markov

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Personally I prefer B Markov because it feels more rewarding when I get to max charge on the gun. That’s my opinion but I’ve heard people prefer regular Markov because he is more consistent.


Blitz Markov


Torvald :smiley:

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Not enough muscle to count.

Technically Laz is Russian too :wink:

What’s with the title? I mean you could have simply wrote it as “The superior Markov”

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I guess. Serbs and Russians come under middle eastern, roight?

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Because I was half asleep when I made this thread.

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OG Markov is quite weak now because he haven’t been updated in EST2 since a looong time, so he’s quite unreliable because of the low damages his weapons currently have.

Markov is martian tho


Hold up, isnt markov a martian?

I chose blitzkov because when played well his burst is very high. The mines are arguably better in every way.
The difference in viability isnt that high tho imo

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Yeah… But he’s of Russian descent. Mars is a Russian colony planet, smarty-pantsies. :wink:


I’ve edited the title for better clarity, seeing as how OP was half-asleep when they made this thread.

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The Red Planet.

Such a lame joke @Matthew. It’s okay I forgive you.


Thanks man.