"the struggle"


I’m at gamestop waiting for them to give me my copy of the game

Even at midnight, the struggle is real to play and get the game.


thats bull*** my gamestop didnt have a midnight launch you’re luckky


Yes, you’re both lucky. Thanks to work I can’t play for a whole week. -_-


wow man im sorry to hear that i hope you have fun when it launches


I dont go to gamestop anymore. The one across the street from me was robbed and the girl working there had her throat slit.


That’s awful.


That is… Jesus Christ, dude. •__•


@Myala Was he/she/it caught at least?


Yeah it was. Then like a day later someone went into a bar another two blocks away and attacked somethere with a baseball bat. It was a crazy depressing few days.


Yeah they caught the guy and I think she is ok. I havent been in there since. Partly cus I seen the girl and partly cus they only waited till they cleaned up the blood before reopening.




holy crap dude where do you live? Detroit? Chicago?


At least she’s alright. Scum like that shouldn’t even be given the courtesy of a trial.


In a not nice area near Seattle.


seattle ? Holy crap


@Andyarc22, @MidnightMonash, @Rapterror


Its cool. It puts complaining about waiting an extra day or 2 dollar dlc in perspective.