The strike system needs rethinking


I’ve already argued about hunter mobility and jet-packs, with mixed responses as to whether or not they need rethinking. My other issue is the strike system. I understand the need for it, especially early on when the monster is level one, but at level 3 it just serves as another barrier for Hunters to overcome in order to stand a chance against a fully leveled monster.

If a hunter team does particular bad at the beginning or mid game, they are SEVERELY crippled later on; or it could just be done to one bad fight. The strike system is a good idea during long fights as it helps balance out the fight (EG. Monster wipes three people out. Uh-oh they’re back to full health! That’s imbalanced).

BUT, if it gets to the point where all four hunters have two strikes against they’re name, they cannot do jack against a monster. Okay, so perhaps a very highly organised team could pull something off, but that’s few and far between. An example I’d like to draw upon is a game I played earlier today. Both sides did really well, however the monster reached level 3 and we lost a particular fight by a mere few bars of the monster’s health. The monster was able to retreat and armor up whilst only one hunter was left standing to defend. Upon re spawning, all hunters were wiped out within a mere few seconds due to the strength of the monster and the strikes against them.

My suggestion: Upon respawning, remove ONE strike. This way the hunters are not too crippled as to get one-shotted by, say, a level 3 Lightning Bolt, but are not too strong as to completely make redundant the monster’s previous attempts to whittle them down.


I disagree. Laz exists to remove strikes. If they do your suggestion, you’re removing part of laz’s usefulness. Its important to remember, a hunter team can disengage if they are caught in a bad area.

Bad medics will lead to lots of early strikes, and ultimately a loss. That’s why I’ve almost been forced to play medic more. Ive lost many games as a hunter because the medic doesn’t heal people properly in between engagements, and let’s us run around with low health.

Its all about the team work. The game shouldn’t be modified to accommodate poor players.


As will be a monster that flubbed up early or mid game ^.- Think of strikes like monster health, you cant remove them, and we cant remove ours, so its a give and take relationship.
You do health damage, we get strikes, balance is achieved. Give and take and all that jazz. Just gotta have a medic thats on point.


But that’s the thing. If the monster finds a Albino Tyrant, they can get health back, whereas the Hunters can’t.


Thats why tyrants are always top priority for me when im a hunter, buffs are too stronk rn


Another post trying to make the game more winnable for hunters.

Stage 1: hunter’s advantage.

Stage 2: even fight

Stage 3: monster’s advantage.

That’s what it’s built around.


Unless you’re playing Evac and have the med bay perk


Lazarus PREVENTS Strikes, key difference.

What they should do is work the system so that Medic devices: MedGun, Healing Grenades, Healing Drone ALL prevent strikes when being used to revive teammates.

They even make pointless challenges for the Masteries to use these when just grabbing the person is easier.

The Lazarus Device should work just like MedBays and remove strikes.

That way, the Medics have some sort of usefulness once it comes to reviving.

Then, if people are whining about them being OP, just buff the Monsters.


That’s just for damage output.


I disagree. The strikes are what make engaging before stage 3 worth it. If im monster, and I have no way to put strikes on your health permanently, I have no reason to fight until I’m stage 3 full armor.


Then the monster would lose to half way good teams every time, you must be deluded if you think that is a good idea. Torvald would always be the assault and body camp people so the monster would take extreme amounts of damage.


Which is why I say then buff the Monsters.

Most problems with the Monsters as they are now comes from the fact that they feel overwhelming compared to the Hunters.

Also, unless the Monster is eating the Hunter, all Medic devices save for the Lazarus Device work from a distance. No need to body camp.


At Stage 3 with full Hunter Health, you already have the advantage. The goal is to get to Stage 3. Early engagements are why Monsters feel OP. The incentive should be to get to your biggest form.

Also, you ignored the severe call to buff the Monster.


They can heal from a distance, and if they can remove strikes then the monster would have to straight up kill them and body guard until the unconscious guy was dead.


So the game should be all running and no mid game fighting for strikes for monster? You know a full team of full health hunters stand a pretty good chance against a lv three monster if they are competent right?


One of the worst suggestions I’ve read on these forums, and I’ve read some really god awful crap.


You guys get multiple dropships, and multiple revives which means multiple attempts at killing the monster. Here’s what the Monster has: one armor bar and one health bar that can’t be replenished except with the regen buff on the map. Think about that for a while…


I’m not for rethinking the strike system, but I thought of an idea that’s more balanced than getting rid of strikes if hunters go in the dropship.

What if the hunters had access to some sort of strike-removal kit? It could be used once per game, and would remove 1 strike from a hunter. (Could be located at the power relay or something) In order to balance this so that it doesn’t get too unfair for the monster, it could require the entire team to go to the spot. All it would do is remove a single strike; not heal or anything of the sort.



But that would get rid of what Laz does which is remove the strikes


If the Hunters have that many strikes, they will lose. And that is fair. It’s a battle of attrition, always has been.