The Strangest Bug I Have Ever had: Slow Motion

Pretty much everything everything I did wasbin slow motion. Even the rocks that I threw moved slow. It also lagged terribly the entire game.

Looks pretty normal to me?

It definitely looks a little on the slow side, but I haven’t played MG enough to tell for sure.

The rock looked pretty normal. Leap just looked like you shortened it, which makes it go somewhat slower. Charge was relatively normal. Melees looked fine.

I normally play on 100+ ping though, so my opinion might be skewed.

None of it is normal. Everything clearly looks noticeably slower than usual. Movement, melees and abilities.


To me the melees look normal, as does fire breath. Charge, leap smash and rock throw all look slower and your general movement looked really slow.

You’re lagging, that’s what I see.

It looks like you just have some latency

I have no idea what you guys are talking about. That looked completely in slow motion. I wasnt making any laggy movements, it was just all completely slow. Even the fire breath animation moved slower, if you really pay attention. I guess you would have to be playing it to understand, but it was no doubt in slow motion. If you want to understand exactly how slow it is, go play a match of meteor goliath and then watch it. Keep in mind my movement speed was the same.

It looks like about 95% of full speed to me

It is A LOT slower than that. Like I said, go play a match as MG and then watch it, you will notice how much slower it is than usual.