The Storyline Of Evolve, What do you think?


If you are anything like me, by this point you are dying for any info on the background/storyline of this game. Every time I catch some dialogue from Caira and Parnell or Val and Abe/Hank, especially the now infamous “Mutagen Wars” exchange, I get chills of nerdly anticipation for what the future may bring.

What do you guys think? Are you interested in where these Monsters came from or how they came to be in the first place? I’ve heard the theory that they may have once been human but experimented with Insect DNA, etc.
I’m hoping to see a new post/Hunter Story from Matt Colville within the next few weeks, but until then I’d love to speculate or hear some thoughts from my fellow lore nerds. Let’s hear it!


Edit - Sorry thought you were looking for Canon. My bad!

I really want Monster back story. I like the idea that they are an alien race and I am really hoping character interaction will eventually provide more and more details.


Evolve backstory is interesting, but most things can be interesting when given in little bites. Hunter dialogue however is a mixed bag, some good some bad.


The lore is so mysterious and rich. I can’t wait to see things unfold as play continues.

Based on the after credits sequence and Maggie’s comments on factor, I imagine that we will hear more about the monsters that destroyed that planet when behemoth arrives. Who knows what that end scene is really referring to though - could be anything.

I also am really hoping that one of the future hunters is a mantis soldier from the mutagen wars who moved to shear to settle down in peace and isolation. Imagine such a character as a support, discussing the past with hyde and lazarus. It would be so juicy!


I just hope the monsters are just a super advanced alien species, instead of some kind of genetic experiment gone wrong.


Are you referring to when Hyde ask Val if CIG9 did it?

But I LOVE the story so far… Especially the characters.


More lore is almost always a good thing. I’ll admit I was rather disappointed that they decided not to add much of a story to the campaign. Feels like seventy percent of the game is missing without it.

The monsters being human sounds plausible both Goliath and the Wraith have some rather human or ape like characteristics.


Factor was destroyed?


As far as we can tell, monsters obliterated all life on the planet - Maggie is one of the only ones to escape and live to tell the tale.


Can you cite that? I had no idea.


I will look for a source, but maggie discusses it often with hank. I’ll see what I can dig up in the meantime.


I remember her mentioning she was there and got off, just missed the part about it being destroyed by monsters. Cause that’d imply a lot about them.


Ok, I recall now - that part is a conversation when you have maggie, val, hank, and markov on a team. They talk about cover ups, saying that factor suddenly went silent and that everyone claims it was a plague of some sort, and maggie gets to talking about fighting monsters there and narrowly escaping. It is one of the longer conversations and I don’t know exactly what triggers it. I heard it multiple times in the beta and alpha tests, but I am not finding a source on the forums. I’ll screenshot it next time I hear it with captions on.


Honestly, I hope they are NOT just some alien race from outer space invading the poor humans… thats been done to death.

It would be much more interesting if all this was a result of some power play for dominance. Humans can be the worst monsters out there.


I dunno about super advanced but it sounds like they’ve invaded at least one planet prior to this. I remember something about Maggie having seen a monster making the monsters somewhere.


I love the dialogue and I hope if they come up with more they add it


Honestly the banter is amazing, especially when you’re switching up team comps a lot.


HONESTLY, I hope they are not an experiment reasons why is because I want to play as a monster (a creature of its own species), not a genetically altered or highly mutated human being or a extremely mutated animal. Yea they’re smart, cunning and etc, but whose to say that there is life in other galaxies that’s as smart as humans if not smarter. But for all we know they’re origin could be similar to the zerg, we’ll just have to wait and see when the devs finally reveal where they come from.


They might not all have the same origins. Such as the Behemoth and the other monster type that destroyed Factor might be alien. While monsters like Wraith and Goliath could have been spliced humans with the alien DNA. I could see CIG9 being sent in after the destruction of Factor to collect alien samples for research. After all Maggie didn’t seem to recognize these particular monster types as if they were new.
They also seemed to suggest a new monster type of monster might be created if the Lazarus device was used on a dead monster , possible foreshadowing for a future monster maybe?


I thought I read somewhere on here that all the Monsters are of the same race. All are alien to Shear/Factor.