The story of TRS


It’s like my twitch channel. I feel I bring an extraordinary amount of quality to my channel, but I’m just a blip. People are content with mediocrity most of the time :slight_smile:

Yea well I guess I shall just let this die off, and try something else to get promoted or at the least, noticed.

I sincerely doubt that my sexual orientation had anything to do with that. If you look at that thread most of it was from myself, a couple of close friends like Shin and a guy who stalks me and spams weird PMs. And before you complain about not getting posts on a thread because you’re male- as you see it- remember that a lot of people have suffered actual discrimination and pain for such things, and you’re inadvertedly mocking that.

Furthermore: Today is a glorious day- MaddCow’s birthday- and a lot of people are busy with that. It’s also Bucket challenge weekend and you made this at a time when most of the people here are busy (American timezones.) You’ll ger more posts when they all come back to relax.

As for my own lackluster response…I was drunk and trying to sleep, actually. :stuck_out_tongue: And busy posting cow gifs for @MaddCow’s burthday.

And kindly do not refer to me by my given name. Call me Midnight or Roses or scrub but not that.

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I think you meant “Gender Identity”, he didn’t say anything about orientation…
Also its Scapegoats B-Day as well, make sure to get some Goat things in there :stuck_out_tongue:

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…Dammit. Yes, that, sorry. Vodka’s a strong drink, Quirkles.

I’ll take your word for it ^.-
No matter how slurred it may be, huehue

I never slurr my words.

I do.
Stupid mornings.
Make me sound Irish.

If you did not wish to be called by name, remove it from the bio

I understand your displeasure that this thread didn’t get much response. We’ve all been there. But c’mon man, get over it. No need to be salty. I’m trying to get constructive criticism but my head feels like it’s been stepped on so it may take some time and as I said, this was made at an innoportune moment.

All I said was dont put your name if you didnt want people to call you by your name

I don’t want you specifically to call me by name. If someone has their name on their deak and ask to be referred to formally by title and sur would you say “Remove the name from your deak then?” No, you wouldn’t. I have right to say “Do not call me that” don’t I? I put my name in my profile because that’s what you do in a bio, is it not?

Now, as I said, do not call me by my first name.

Why? Only people you know can do it? If so thats even more childish and immature than I was

No, only people who are polite to me get that courtesy.

Necro, I’m going to have to ask you to cool it down a tad, if you could.

This is your thread, and you’re welcome to post whatever but please try to keep things a bit more civil. At least towards Leaders!

Thank you! :smile:

My name is in my bio, but I don’t wish for people to call me by my name unless they’re a friend.
My alias is Shin here, you should be using that. You go searching their profile, to call them by something they did not give you to use? Obviously they wish to be called by that name instead. Use the name they gave you.


Oh Im inpolite for A: referring to you by name and B: saying you got more attention as a female? That statement was true, however because even if they arent aware, males are always more drawn to females on the internet, and dont worr I shall not refer to you by your BIRTH NAME anymore

Why do you assume it’s my birth name? :slight_smile:

So I should be polite to you? And not my fellow commoners?