The story of TRS

Once, long ago (like 2002) A genius named Michael Booth Made a company named Turtle Rock Studios.He first made a game in 2003 named Counter Strike. A god named Gaben took the small game studio under his majestic wing in the year 2006 after they had made Left 4 dead (a small not talked about at all game, not sure if you have heard of it). And then, Gaben bought the small studio (like they havent done that before cough portal cough) and they made Left 4 dead 2 (again not a popular game that I totally didnt rek newbs at) but then Gaben shut them down in 2008, but then, in 2009 the studio was revivified by @SlabOMeat and @MacMan or there mortal names Phil Robb and Chris Ashton. IN 2011 A game publisher named THQ had faith in TRS’s latest masterpiece known by us as Evolve. But then THQ filed for bankruptcy and TRS was left with 2K games which then published Evolve to be released in 2015.

So that’s their story, tell me if you liked it, AND IF YOU DIDN’T KEEP THAT TO YOURSELF, NAH jk I’m all about criticism. @Quirkly @EyeOfCharon @MidnightRoses @XkrSkorpion @Shin @TheMountainThatRoars @ReleaseDaKraken @MaddCow



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Thx for the criticism m8 much appreciate so wow very like

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constructive criticism intensifies

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