The Story of Behemoth and how the hunters became the hunted


This is my story.

On The Dam there are beautiful caves which Behemoth wants to call home. But on one night the flying megamouth dropped in something different for Behemoth.
Behemoth scratched his head wondered as to what they could be? But he soon went on with his day after an opportunity for a nice meal presents itself to him.

After enjoying his dinner, Mammoth Birds and Obsidian Crabs he went to take a nap in his man cave.

When suddenly…

Abe walked into the man cave and shot’s Behemoth in the noggin. Disturbing his cocooned slumber.


Behemoth yelled out.

As more and more hunters came into the cave, Behemoth’s heart starts to boil with the fury of a thousand Sunny’s and the with one big gargle…

Behemoth spits out five balls of lava bombs that melts through Hank’s shield and knocks Abe out.

Suddenly out of no where. Caira swoops in like a ninja and revives Abe.

Infuriated, Behemoth earth bends the ground to up a rock. Sadly Caira had slipped away, but all was not wasted as Hank was squished in between the rock Behemoth bended and the ceiling of the cave. Killing him instantly.

Abe who came back into the cave and got a little too brave was squished and melted to death.

Once Abe and Hank was gone Behemoth then chased after Caira thirty 90 seconds or so. Once Behemoth finally caught Caira, he remembered there was another one of them. One that could lighting bend and spoke nonsense he cannot understand.

He never understood whatnthe pesky things were blabbing about, but this one was supper blabblely and really loud.

Behemoth spent another minute looking for him, he searched high and low for the midget lightning bender. Even looked for him in the biggest of valleys and smallest of cracks. But he could not reach into the smallest of cracks, so he continued eating and decided to call it a day.

When a loud surge fills the air.

The surge is familiar, it’s the same thing that dropped the first pesky creatures.

He rolled as fast as he can, faster than he’s ever rolled before down the river to get the the flying Megamouth.

He then proceeded to do the same thing, this time again missing the midget lighting bender. He did got the little guy down but Behemoth could not finish him off as Caira used her telekinesis healing and Hank shielded the midget with his overgrown facial hair.

Once he manage to get all the creatures down, once again. The lighting bender escaped him.

Behemoth then proceeded to hunt down the one he that escaped him And the rest of his pack for three more drops.

Until he finally got all of them the third time and he can finally get back to his nap.

TL; DR: Hunters caught Behemoth in a bad spot, they paid for it in blood. He hunted them for four more drops, until they stopped breathing and their necks start to flop.

They then proceeded to call him OP and he rolled away, never to be seen again until his slumber is disturbed again.

The ended.


The end. :+1:


Hunted became the hunted?


Mhmm… Basically it’s another story of “If someone loses to something, it’s automatically OP.”? ^.^