The Store menu in Evolve stage 2 is atrocious



Please update/change the menu, the menu itself looks pretty I’ll give you that but functionally its just bad. Specifically, the characters are unorganized, the skills listed and descriptions are just in a little uncontrollable scrolling textbox, and when you click on them it just says purchase with no second layer to get a better view.

A suggestion would be to make the store menu a combination of the menu when you are picking your character before a match I.E. Pick category>click character>cool full body pic with skills and descriptions.
Or change store menu to look like the character menu under your profile with all the characters together but with more organization so that when you click on them you get a skills and description menu(like on the character selection screen before a match).


The store is a hangover from the last version of Evolve, so I hope too they’ll be able to put some UI time to making a better storefront :slight_smile:


We have plans to update the store - it’s in a long list of things for the UI team to do! And it’ll take some time and love to get done.


At least tag the different hunter classes. new players like me do not know which hunter belongs to which class. some character descriptions are not clear either.