The Store Is Unorganized



Hey Turtle rock… I’m a new player and I have loved the game I’m sad now that I have not bought the game but i have a problem… The shop is not easy to us and I would like to give something what would help and maybe be look better in the long run if you guys are planing to release more characters.

It just feels A lot better

So that just my opinion

Love You guys


So your suggestion is to have two more categories added to separate the Monster and Hunter characters?


Yeah that would be helpful. Right now the only way to buy perks is during a match, correct?
I can’t remember at the moment.


No Just That Perks so you can go and sit and read them so u now what to buy and the same with hunters and monsters


I don’t follow. Perks you can read everything they do in the character select screen and make your purchases there; same goes for Monsters and Hunters AFAIK.


Yeah but you dont have time i have played over 14 hrs and im still busy with the perks and i have not even started with hunters so yeah i would like to have time to sit have play around with different perks.


Then go into “Training” click “Hunt” pick any character and then go to the perk selection. You have infinite time to read up from there.


The store is going to get a revamp, it was understandably low on the list of priorities for getting the Beta out :wink:


okay Aweome


Store is definitely something we are looking at making improvements on. No ETA though, but if you keep playing and showing your support for Evolve, the more we can do!


It’s being fixed as said above me which is cool so thanks TRS :slight_smile:

Also I changed the title because I felt there was a nicer way than calling the store a Cluster Bomb :slight_smile: