The Stick with the team pop up


Just some questions, I am new to this forum so bare with me :smile:

Anyone else find it distracting that every time you work up the courage or stupidity to wander off on your own your game will tell you to stay with the team and press tab to open the map?

I know this, and sometimes I want to take a route to cut the monster off and this pop up gets annoying.

is there a way to turn this off. or can we implement one?

Honest feed back appreciated,



Nope, wandering off on your own can get you killed and weaken your team. :slight_smile:

Always best to stick together, but it doesn’t mean that you have to hold hands.


Yes turn off the reminder helping you not to die lol. But I could see how it would be annoying… but you really should be taking a partner with you at all times.


You should never just wander off. Never.

You never know when a sneaky monster could be watching, waiting for that exact moment.


I know I am lol.


Yes you are right, you shouldn’t wander off, but lets say we are on the chase, and it goes around a large rock formation, if I go the long way to head it off and lock in it. I get the pop up. And I find it distracting to be honest.

I might be mistaken, but I think it still pops up if only 1 other hunter is with you as well


If you go alone, that’s bad hence the pop up. If you absolutely need to split up, go in teams.

However, the Monster player in me says to ignore all the above advice and go it alone. Just ignore that silly pop up. :monster:


The tips will go away after awhile. Give it time.