The Steam Forums

…they offer a good laugh.
I’m not sure if any of you have read them before, but a quick glimpse once in a while usually offers a good laugh.

This thread for example:

I cared little for yet another ignorant Wraith discussion from some random guy who probably hasn’t even reached level 10 yet so I (Captain Capslock is me) called him out on the ignorance in his posts.

I then proceed to get insulted by both him and another guy who’s been spreading hate and misinformation on these forums since launch like they’re both trying to prove their immaturity.

I probably shouldn’t have bothered in the first place since there’s no winning in such unregulated forums but… you know. It can be rather frustrating when a game you love gets hated on with invalid arguments.

Seriously, have a look. It’s rather amusing.
(And sorry if this is against the rules or something, though I don’t think it is.)

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Not as good as these forums, not even close.

Yeah, don’t go on the steam forums… just don’t.


This was my favourite thing of the Week.

The comments cracked me up. ‘Instructions unclear. Now Transgender. pls halp.’

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Be that as it may, the Steam Forums offer their own sense of masochistic fun once in a while.

Besides, on a more serious note, it’s safe to say that the vast majority on these forums have actually played Evolve enough to offer honest feedback and we like the game enough to care for its future. A future that the majority of the Steam Forums visitors instead are trying to ruin.

Although my original intention was never to take this topic too serious, I do actually invite any member who reads this and cares about Evolve to click the link and reply so there’s at least 1 thread on the Steam Forums where sheer idiocy is pointed out instead of flooding yet another thread by trolls as far as the eye can see.

And I know. Never take the Steam Forums seriously, I’m aware of that and it’s advice I’ve handed out quite a few times myself.
It’s just… I don’t know. I feel like since we like Evolve enough to keep playing it, considering it’s rather rare for people to agree with each other on discussion boards, we might be able to get something out of this.

Because let’s not forget the vulnerability of new players and people who consider buying the game.

…is common logic to us but it’s a frequently used way to determine whether or not someone should buy the game. And I think it’s safe to say that, on top of the negative reviews that are equally ignorant, the Steam Community pages are pretty much a guarantee for scaring potential new players away from the game.

Perhaps it’s time for TRS to start deleting the many reviews that are blatant lies.
Steam needs an automated system that can help developers do this.
Delete reviews, send review creator a personal message stating their review has been removed from public view due to spreading misinformation.


But it lacks the same… homelyness.

The problem with deleting reviews is that then you get known as the game company which removes negative reviews, which generates more bad publicity

OH Boy. Here we go. You cannot do this, it would be a complete train wreck. Between developers removing any damaging content no matter it’s factual accuracy and the whole issue of freedom of content and creation, you are literally poking a beeshive with that idea. It’s a nice idea in theory, but terrible in practice.

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That depends entirely on its implementation.

I understand your arguments but you need to realize that the exact opposite is already happening. We know the game isn’t PAY2WIN, we know which bad reviews offer truth and which are utter lies.

But what we know doesn’t matter in the slightest. It’s the new players that read that crap and will base their decisions based on it.

If the removal of nonsensical Steam reviews (and I’m talking about the seriously ridiculous and ignorant ones) was a function integrated into every single Steam Community for the developers then people have nothing to complain about.
They will complain nonetheless but they don’t have the valid arguments to back their complaints up.
Explain to me how that’s any different from the situation we’re currently in.

The thing is that if said negative reviews were taken down with a friendly automated message pointing out the fault in their arguments and possibly linking to a pinned Steam Forums thread that offers the truth then there won’t be as many trolls left and those that are left will no longer be blindly followed so easily by newcomers.
Many games can benefit from this, not just Evolve.
(Although Evolve is pretty much the best example I can think of as far as a partially toxic community ruining a game’s success goes)

But alas, you’re all right. Steam Forums are no use.
It’s just a shame that there are so many Steam users and potential new players that haven’t yet realized this.

You’re missing the point. A system like that is too easy to abuse. YouTube has a system like this, where Developers can INSTANTLY take content down under something called a DMCA. Having a DMCA strike on your account VERY harshly impacts your channel, and 3 strikes is an Automatic Perma-ban. Now, the issue is not the DMCA system. It is the fact Developers can automatically remove this content, and at such a high cost.

In the case of a game called ‘Day One Garry’s Incident’, multiple people including big names such as Total Biscuit were issued a DMCA claim on their videos, with the only content up on YouTube for awhile being 2-3 positive, and dodgey looking reviews. The fact that a big name and legitmate review can be instantly shut down, is absurd.

Now, you might say, ‘But all it would be is removing the content, no negative impact.’ It doesn’t matter. You are quite literally poking a hornets nest. This issue is Very hot right now, Steam is 100% not going to go near it.

I do think that the best thing to do in the internet is to avoid posting or reading posts, periods. But there are some places that are clearly worse than others.

@THISaint is moderator over there… he owns that username… cause he is a saint for dealing with it sometimes


Yes, @THISaint I don’t know how you can do it lol.

Thank you :smile:


It gets too much salty there but unfortunately there’s nothing which can be done. I’m glad you haven’t seen some of the threads I’ve taken care of in the past days.

As this free weekend moves on situation will clear up too. Regarding those trolls, I’ve already taken care of some of them.

Now regarding that thread - as long as they won’t start name calling each other it’s fits with the rules. Saying something is OP is cool in terms of rules.

Now reviews. Well, reviews are kind of easy/hard job. They can be reported by the publisher and will be removed within 24 hours. Problem Evolve had was that it allowed people posting the reviews in its Alpha & Beta. Those reviews were never really removed. If they were removed, game would have Positive reviews listed instead of Mixed.

I guess that’s about it?


Hm i think i join in on this on the Steam forums
I think some people need to get schooled about proper tracking.

Is it not possible to contact steam and have them removed? That TRS have to deal with those pre-release reviews infuriates me.

Also, take a look at some of the reviews some people made during the free weekend.



This is why Aliens never comes to visit earth.

How you manage to keep your sanity intact on those boards, @THISaint, I have no idea. I hope TRS rewards you with infinite cookies.

Cookies are appreciated. :blush:

Ah yes the steam forums

(Except maybe the forums)

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The top one is especially hilarious considering you can’t buy Wraith.

The 2nd one is worse. He downvoted it because his specs were too low for it? I really dont understand some people.