The Statistics Thread


#Disclaimer: Using all Patch Notes to group them all together. If they are wrong please change them :slight_smile:

**Goliath** **Rock Throw:**

Level 1

  • Direct damage increased to 265
  • Splash damage increased to 265

Level 2

  • Direct damage increased to 332
  • Splash damage increased to 332

Leap Smash:

  • Level 1 radius increased to 4.6 meters
  • Level 2 radius increased to 5.8 meters
  • Level 3 radius increased to 7.6 meters

Fire Breath:

  • Direct damage duration reduced to 1 second

Level 1

  • Damage per tick increased to 66
  • Residual burn damage increased to 40 DPS
  • Residual burn damage duration reduced to 3 seconds

Level 2

  • Damage per tick increased to 68
  • Residual burn Damage increased to 41 DPS
  • Residual burn Damage Duration reduced to 3

Level 3

  • Damage per tick increased to 73
  • Residual burn damage increased to 73
  • Residual burn damage duration reduced to 3 seconds


Level 1

  • Damage Radius increased to 2.7
  • Speed increased to 16
  • Damage increased to 332

Level 2

  • Damage Radius increased to 3.3
  • Speed increased to 17
  • Damage increased to 415

Level 3

  • Speed increased to 18

As far as right now goes, this is just a sneak peak of what I’m doing. I will have Meteor Goliath, Kraken, Maybe Elder Kraken, Wraith, Behemoth and Gorgon at the end of today/tonight. Depending how I feel after chores @The_Mastermind I’m looking to you to see if they are right :slight_smile:


im confused as to the purpose of this thread?


Mostly to help me and others who love numbers up to date on that damage, cooldown times and a ton of other stuff to keep on track. I thought it’d be useful


White hawk started this a while back

Can anyone tell me Sunny's original stats?

Oh then I guess there’s no point for this thread if there is already one

Close please and I would say unlist this too


lol. we just beat ya to it thats all. :stuck_out_tongue:

and the Database threads are waiting for TU09 before i finish/update them