The Spider Monster

Monster name: Arachna


This is the weakest of the monsters, but the fastest one on its regular movement, hard to hit due to its agility and thin legs, leaving only the body and head as target, no doubt this Monster is a tough fight for those who haven’t trained their well-aimed shots and the ones who doesnt think quick enough, leaving no room for mistakes, in a blink of an eye, the Arachna can wrap unsuspecting foes and carry them for their inevitable death.

The stealth attack doesnt damage the target, instead, when the Monster perform the attack while sneaking, it starts to wrap the prey on web, the longer it takes, it determines the thickness of the web, once the Monster finish webbing its prey, she can carry them with a slowed movement speed to another location for a safe meal, hunters can shoot the web while being carried for a escape with their downed pistol aswell other hunters can free trapped ones by shooting it.

On seaking, when not moving, as defense the Spider Monster uses camuflage adapting the environment, making it harder to see from distance, when the armor is full its still glows though.

Traversal works with the spider creating web by its lower gland leaving behind whenever she moves, the movement speed is reduced, it is possible to create web while climbing, and its possible to reforce thickening the web creating on the same place as long the traversal duration is on.

The Spider Monster can stay still on climbed walls and ceilings and move freely through the web.


1- Venon Spray

 The Monster expel a cloud of venom from its front glands dealing poison damage in short and medium range.

2- Death Leap

 The Monster jump to a targeted location for a single target attack of great damage.

3- Paralyzing Bite

 The Monster hits the target within melee range, paralysing them for 10 sec (breaks with damage).

4- Queen’s Offspring

 The Monster put 4 spider eggs with a great health pool, the eggs hatch after 6 seconds, the 4 spiderlings has low health pool, they attack the hunters with poison bites.


A spider based monster would actually be a good idea, it would be rather weak but would make up for it in speed (too OP?). I can see one of its abilities being a web trap which would slow down trappers or even hold them when levelled up. Other possibilities, web shot, spider babies (little minions which can be easily killed) and some kind of acid spray. Sadly I am terrified of large insects so I’d probably avoid it.

Also it would have to be a bit of a fat spider as Andy pointed out, it would be way too hard to hit If it was a skinny little bugger.

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Seems way too difficult to shoot


My response to many things

Then, real FPS players would shine! :smiley:

As much as I LOVE the idea of this in the game, some things just wont ve added. For instance, the webs. This is too similar to Earth spiders rather that a space arachnid.