The Specialists


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If you were a specialist like on Black Ops or I guess a high level mercenary what would your set up be?

Set Up:
Primary Weapon: Name

Secondary Weapon: Name

Gadget/Tool: Name
Description; you may have more

Suit: Name
What do you wear?

Passive Ability: Name
What’s a secret awesome ability you have?

Anything that I didn’t list can go here


Class Name: Gadgeteer

Primary Weapon: Mini Wrist Gun
Shoots 10 bullets per second and shoots from your wrist.

Secondary Weapon: Wrist Blades
3 blades (Tri-Blade) that can cut enemies open and pull them towards you or it can pull you towards a surface.

Gadget: Battle Hat
When engaged in fights your helmet comes off and becomes a mobile unit that fires bullets at enemies.

Gadget 2: Concussion Light
Blinds enemies, Impairs hearing, Infects smelling and Paralyzes limbs. It’s the perfect distraction!

Gadget 3: Defense Turret
Has a absorbing shield attached onto the turret that defends you from projectiles this is best used when reloading, refueling and getting your shield back up.

Suit: Jet Pak
Your feet and back emit EcoEnergy which is air converting into fuel.

Passive Ability: Energy Shield
A shield is projected around you that will block of attacks temporarily.

Class Name: Juggernaut

Primary Weapon: Rocket Launcher
Rapid fire rocket launcher that is laser guided

Secondary Weapon: Missile Barrage
Fire 20 missiles at locked enemies

Tertiary Weapon: War Hammer
Smash enemies to the ground and when and when there’s too many enemies just swing it around.

Gadget 1: Sonic Blast
A defense mechanism that blasts everyone in the radius away.

Gadget 2: EMP Cannon
Shuts down all Electrical equipment in the blast radius

Suit: Battle Armor
The Battle armor is powerful and takes many guns to take this thing out. It can reflect bullets and rockets, grenades don’t damage it and it absorbs energy. This thing also allows you to carry one more weapon

Passive Ability: Increased Health
Your health is increased with the armor on

Other: With the strength this thing has, it running speed can knock down enemies.


Set Up:Primary:Tower A plasma greatsword that transforms into a shotgun

Secondary: Rocket launcher

Side Gadget 1: Energy shields with up to 10 layers.

Suit: chromatic scales that adapt to any envirement and damage.

Passive Ability: scorn and fury, a passive that makes me more durable and more powerful the more damage I take.

Other:He is equipped with wings.


assassins creed




That is really badass


Assassin’s Creed has a Mini Wrist Gun and a Battle Hat?


nope but it reminds me of that


Good point

I have a lot of ideas in my head, so that’s why I created this. To get mine out and get others in. So I will just keep editing mine until I have no more


Primary weapon: railgun that shoots through walls.

Secondary: charged railgun. Puts it into overdrive and fire faster, almost automatic.

Gadget: pet Panther. Panther has a cloaking device.

Suit: black and white jumpsuit.

Passive ability: turn into any animal.

Other: the railgun can make stuff explode in super overdrive mode.


Railguns are awesome!


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You making a Specialist?





Class Name: Tactician
While this class would be quickly killed in a firefight, a myriad of traps and tools designed to outmaneuver opponents ensure that it never comes to that.

Primary Weapon: Energy Rifle
A single shot, long range, high damage, and high accuracy weapon. A stealth unit synched to the weapon allows you to become invisible while wielding it, so long as you do not move. You must remain immobile to activate it and moving or switching weapons will automatically deactivate it. The cloak leaves a shimmer, so be sure to pick your ambush location carefully.

Secondary Weapon: Turret
A deployable turret with a short range, but a quick rate of fire and a massive magazine size. It can be used to flush out enemies, distract them to your movements, or make an area too dangerous to enter. Though it seems like a low threat at first, it can quickly cut down careless foes.

Gadget: Stasis Trap
A device with a proximity detonator, it can be thrown as a grenade or tossed at a surface to embed as a trap. When triggered, anyone within range becomes immobile for a brief period of time, as well as unable to receive communication, speak, change weapons, activate abilities, or fire. While only enemies can trip the trap, friendlies can be affected if they are caught in the blast.

Tool: Grapple Gun
A forearm mounted device with a medium range, it can be aimed at ledges to quickly move to higher ground, walls to pull you out of harms reach or into a fight, or at a foe to drag them out of position.

Suit: Infiltrator Suit
A suit that gives buffs to speed, reload time, weapon switch time, and jump height.

Passive Ability: Analysis
A HUD warns you of deployables, identifies the items enemies in your line of sight are using, and tells you relevant combat data. Examples include identifying mines you wouldn’t otherwise see, giving warnings of incoming dangers, and representing blips on your radar as glowing figures you can see through walls in order to prepare your traps better.

Active Ability: Body Double
A small drone is deployed that projects a holographic duplicate of you as a distraction. While it cannot use your more useful abilities, the drone packs a weaker copy of your energy rifle to ensure enemies focus on it. The only way to destroy the double is through sheer firepower, or targeting the drone directly using infrared.


Your class can clearly play Cap the flag and be the defender.

Place Stasis Traps around and have your turret in the middle gunning down anything it sees. Then you could be up in a perch using your Grapple Gun and firing down on enemies the the Energy Rifle.

I love the idea of a Infiltrator Suit. It sounds badass! The invisibility perk goes well with the Analysis, and a decoy is always better that a grenade!

I love your ideas so much


Thank you! I always like to do characters who shred enemies through traps and tactics rather then direct combat. I have some other ideas floating around, but it may be a while before I pull enough together to work well as a character.


Same here, right now I am trying to figure out my Assassin class