The Source that TRS should contact to solve Evolve's Problems


TRS should seek more potent sources to resolve the issues in Evolve, and one such source points to the stars.

According to

An example of an extraterrestrial civilisation way more advanced than that of humans is that of the Iargans:

Above: An Iargan, who comes from a system 10 light years from us.

According to the Iargans, there are 3 main divisions of cosmic races (Source:

In the above picture, the chart represents the evolutionary pathway of the 3 types of races.

TYPE 1: Dwarf Races

Dwarf races are typically around 3 - 4 feet tall in height and come from high gravity planets. Most of them are far more peaceful than man, and because of their unity, they are able to access what Steven Greer and the Iargans call “god consciousness”, and have the capacity to heal with their minds, leave their bodies, or move matter with their minds. For the first 10000 or so years, they have absolutely no technology, unlike humans, but during the final stages of evolution, they move to become an interstellar civilisation in just less than a hundred years, in the event known as the “Final Contemplation”, when their consciousness achieves godly sentience after a merge with the unbound god consciousness.


In these races, because they are not as peaceful as Type 1 civilisations, they do not have immediate access to the godly consciousness, and possess no telepathic abilities at first. During their middle cycles, they are similar to humans right now, where they engage in wars to raid iron deposits and other stuff. However, because they are far more peaceful than humans, they eventually overcome this and move towards the “Final Contemplation” where they mind-meld to gain godly consciousness.


In these races, we are among the most violent races on this world, and half of all such races, without ET intervention, reach what is called the “Final Confrontation”, where they destroy themselves in nuclear war. However, with appropriate ET intervention, they will eventually reach the “Final Contemplation” to become god-like themselves, assuming the status of an interstellar race.


Since we are a type 3 civilisation, it is vital that we seek ET intervention before we destroy ourselves.

How do we do this?

Steven Greer summarises his method of ET contact, whereby every year, he invites civilians (about a group of 25) to enter deep states of consciousness, where they do the following step:

  1. They enter this deep state of unity consciousness

  2. Project thoughts of love into imagined UFOs in the universe

  3. Then invite them telepathically

  4. Then guide them here by imagining the entire cosmos, then down to the milky way, then to our solar system, then to earth, then to the country, then to the exact location of contact.

  5. Oftentimes, this is called Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind, whereby human beings invite aliens to our world for experiences of oneness and so on.

This is what he manages to contact through this method.

The point being: it is possible for TRS to train some people to do this, in order to invite advanced ETs to help their company and us, as a Type 3 civilisation, to avoid us from destroying ourselves, and to seek their technological assistance to solve all problems in Evolve.


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