The Soulsborne thread!


My Warrior of Pokes is liking the Irithyll Rapier very much. Shielding with Frost status. So good.


The game has crashed on me every time I open up Filianore’s chamber per playthrough.

It is moderately annoying.


Just gonna… drop this here, since it gave me a good laugh:


Have you tried bowing?


Bowing, legion etiquette, joy/jump for joy, prayer, praise the sun, and a few others.

She has a few different reactions.


I liked bowing best though


Really fucking proud of this one. Sure, it’s by no means a sub-two minute NG+7 melee flawless kill, but still


I’ve been looking for it, but I have no idea what pyromancy that is. Giant spinning vortex ball of death isn’t exactly in any of their descriptions.

Someone used it on me in PvP a while ago, but I didn’t care that much cause I kicked his ass.


Chaos Bed Vestiges. Third most powerful pyromancy in raw power, but the best against fast target that are hard to predict/lure.

It’s basically:

  • Seething Chaos
  • Great chaos fire orb
  • Chaos bed vestiges

in terms of raw power. But GCFO needs both the direct hit and the lava pool it leaves to hit for the full damage, and seething chaos has a timer and needs to not hit the target. Against Gael, Seething chaos is too unreliable (he’s too damn fast xD), and GCFO won’t get the full damage from the lava (again, because he’s too fast). Hence I went with CBV, since that has the highest direct-hit only damage.


That’s rather helpful, actually.

I got Seething chaos at one point, but it is rather annoying to use so I kind of avoid it even though it did a fair bit of damage.

Great Chaos Fire Orb actually replaced my regular Fire Orb a while ago. But I feel that I will be replacing it with Vestiges soon, provided I like using it on that character.

Thank you for the info. Sometimes the wiki is not the most helpful for just reading up info like this.

Also, it has a slightly misleading name.


the timer on Seething chaos does have an advantage: you can quickly swap to a second morion blade for even moar damage:


Hold on. How does that thing affect damage? I know it’s a decent weapon, but aside from that?


red tearstone ring effect basically. 20% damage buff if you’re below 20% health


Really? Huh. That seems rather useful. Well, not that much for me. I like to keep myself above 75% HP. I am still not the best player ever.


Yarp is part of the one shot builds


Meh. I don’t care about those.


Journey 2 started on my Pyromancer. Gonna be glorious


Lol some guy got mad when I killed him after he invaded me.

If you’re gonna invade someone, be prepared to fucking die.


Ok, what the hell is the difference between Crystal and Simple infusions? They both add Int scaling and magic damage, but unsure what it does beyond that.


Simple gives you FP regen and crystal has the higher int scaling