The Soulsborne thread!


Saint Bident looks neat, but I am not putting faith on my Warrior of Pokes. I don’t think that infusing it would help much since the faith scaling comes with it.

But yeah, I planned on ending up with LK and RK spears maxed out for usage. The others for funsies.


From the wiki:

It’s actually longer than the Pike while still having the same moveset as standard spears (its normal and heavy attacks are much faster than pikes).

You could make the Saint’s bident work on a dex build, but it’s gonna be weaker than dedicated melee-build spears


Just pointing it out.

Well if it’s for funsies then you should definitely try the GFS WA it’s charge but cool


Ok, wanna get the Old Wolf Curved Sword, but farming the swordgrass is a pain in the dick offline. (And I have zero clue how I would go about being useful in PvP online.)


Perimeter bonfire, three Ghru right outside of the bonfire. Mimic head, gold digger ring, offhand crystal sage rapier. If needed, respec to a luck build (luck raises item discovery).

Grass wasn’t such a pain IMHO. The real pain is farming concords :joy:


Yeah, I looked up a few strategies and that was listed. I just got really annoyed with doing it for an hour and only getting one.

On another note, I did my first Invasions last night. Ruined some guy’s farming with Elfriede’s scythe combo that has retardedly good tracking. Then had a good scrap with Yhorm’s great machete.

Some jackass tried to use the thorn armor on me. Kukuku. Slammed a giant slab of sharp metal on his head 4 times and he ded.

As much as I despise admitting it… it was kinda fun. Shut up.


So it begins


I don’t plan on doing it all the time. Just occasionally. And I don’t feel bad about it because I am only doing it to people that are in NG+3. I won’t do it on the first run tho. Dislike the idea of just ganking someone early on.

It was only a few weeks ago I started, and I would have hated being randomly invaded and getting fucked.


The invasions don’t track that only soul level and weapon reinforcement level


Well yeah, but people aren’t exactly gonna be level 180 with like 8 maxed weapons on the first playthrough. And probably also not even on the second one. 180 is real high.


I’m just pointing it out and the people above 120 by that much are probly the ones that aren’t a fan of PVP


People tend to sit at 120 for PvP? My second character is right about there. 115 I think.


Well, on the dancer right now with my Pyro only build. Was dreading Yhorm (since he’s immume to fire), but black fire orb did the job nicely. :slight_smile:

Dancer down, piss easy >.>


That’s the meta duel/invasion level

There’s also a couple low level pvp metas one of which is I think 30


The Dancer is also weak to dark btw. Mah mage killed her with black fire orb.


Yeah, probably took 8 or so orbs to take her down :joy:


Guess who just wasted 10 minutes of their time?


Glorious lmfao. Seems like a hard-fought win, since you have no Estus left.

I wouldn’t have tried it without the cheesy way. More effort than it would be worth.


Fight wasn’t as hard, most of the estus was spent fucking up the occasional sweep breath (5 Sunny D and 9 Blueberry juice). It’s just a fucking chore. 30/30 int/fth, both pyro boost rings, dark clutch ring, maxed out parting flame hitting at point blank range in the head, still only 300 damage. I managed to find a spot where he kept doing the same attack over and over again, allowing me to just shotgun his head with black flame.

No, not a fun fight. But at least I kept my Pyro-only streak

Oh, and here’s some fashion souls:

  • Hood of Prayer
  • Court Sorcerer Robe
  • Firekeeper gloves
  • Jailer Trousers


Sweet baby jayzus the fire keeper is adorable. She reacts to a bunch of the gestures. She giggles at a few of them and it is precious.