The Soulsborne thread!


The Pruld is the best. Let this be known.


(subtitles advised xD)

He also predicted paired UGS’s:


Oh, and here’s the full track from the Remastered teaser trailer:

so good


accidentally clicked on a Midir ‘hate’ video, when suddenly:


Also said fuck it, and posted a comment about why I like Midir. Might as well post it here too, since I know Trick and Tiger don’t like Midir either:

I can understand people not liking Midir. It’s my personal favourite Soulsborne boss, but yes, it’s a long-ass endurance fight; some like that, some don’t. I like it, hence why I enjoy the boss

I personally like it because of the full combination of everything: this giant dragon is pissed, and it obviously shows from everything it does. Kalameet seems calm and calculating. Sinh is a bit more jumpy, granted, but not on the scale of Midir. Both of them also have the disadvantage of being smaller-sized dragons, and being in older games (meaning, less fluid movements). Midir on the other hand, he slams and charges and rages all over the place, completely snapped. And that tiny slither of sanity he still has, he loses in phase two; this shows from his laser attack, in the first phase it’s still somewhat controlled, but in phase two he just spams it all over the place.

Second, this is probably the closest we’re going to get to fighting a dragon in it’s prime: Kalameet was shot down by Gough and (possibly) corrupted by the abyss, and Sinh was speared by Sir Yorgh and completely infested with poison. You could argue that Midir has been corrupted by the dark, but that still only gives him one ‘weakness’ (if you can even call it a weakness, as he seems to use the darkness in his favour).

His giant healthpool shows it’s a massively powerful foe. I understand this could be seen as a lame excuse for the giant healthpool, but as I said, I don’t mind the healthpool.

All the symbolism is amazing too: from his giant stature, his extra set of wings, his crystal covered body, to the area we fight him in, this giant chasm underneath the ground. And the soundtrack, oh my god the soundtrack. Easily one of my favourite tracks of the game.

Is it a perfect boss? Of course not. His second phase could’ve been more defined (think Gael phase 2/3: not a fundamental change such as from phase 1 to 2, but still upping the ante). If you stick to his head his range of attacks is lowered significantly. But it’s my favourite boss. Others may agree, others may not. And that’s fine.


I dislike him for a couple reasons. Lack of lock on options in the real boss fight, constantly runs away, 2nd phase laser is hard to learn to deal with since he covers a huge area and it one shots you and you can’t block. Like half the fight is spent chasing him after he charges/flies away

The massive health and large amounts of damage are just annoying as well


Funny story actually, the sorcery Pestillent Mist fucks Midir right up. I didn’t kill him with it cause I did not have enough FP or Estus to last the fight, but it was really hurting him.

It does a percentage of health damage, and he has a fuckton of health, so it’s a nice bit of HP if he stays in for more than a few seconds.


Yep that’s one of the suggested cheese methods on the wiki


I was on a steam forum and someone suggested it to me.

Not surprised it’s popular given how effective it is.


Dunno if it has been said, but Dark Souls remaster is coming out May 25th.

And the price looks like it’s gonna be $40 across the board. The discount for previous owners on PC might have been an error in the original post (though it prolly isn’t). However, in the case that it’s not a mistake, imma be grabbing that shit for $20 real fast.


Been giving spear type weapons a fair shake recently and I find that I quite like them. I’m still really early in the game, but I like the Red hilted halberd.

Gonna farm the Lothric Knight spear later because I recall it being real solid. At first I didn’t like the class, but it has grown on me since I’ve forced myself to use them =P


Fair warning most people don’t like LKLS cause all its moves are pokes or charge. You might be better off with a weapon that has a sweep attack and a half decent WA


Go to ringed city. Grab RKS. ??? Profit.


So do I buy Dark Souls Remastered?

I have over 7000 hours in the original.


I’m buying it, solely for the fact of me just missing out on the biggest activity of it (entered the soulsborne world between DS2 and BB), so the new activity is enough for me to warrant spending 20 euros.

But in the end, it’s still the same game. It’s a remaster, not a remake. So it’s up to you really


A part of me wants it just so I can enjoy the original with DS3 graphics. And let’s be honest. It’s the best of the 5 games out there still.


Actually, the pokey is the reason I like them. I have learned that it’s actually a rather fast weapon class (despite appearances), and it outreaches basically everything. Can just poke things to death before they even have a chance to touch you.

But yeah, I’m gonna have the Tailbone spear, Lothric Knight Spear and Ringed Knight spear added to the list. Probably also the Dragonslayer Spear cause it looks baller.


I believe the longest is saint bident. Gargoyle flame spear has a better poke and has a running attack

LKLS has amazing tracking on it’s r2s though compared to GFS.

oh but never one hand the LKLS


I thought longest was the Pike.

And I know. 1-handing the bigger spears is slower and has a little worse tracking.


There’s actually a slight distinction between spears and pikes: pikes are slightly slower (think greatlance, pike), but also slightly more powerful, and pretty much only consist of pokes.

But yeah, AFAIK, Saint’s bident is the longest-reaching one. Though that’s best used on a faith build. DS spear is probably the longest for dex builds, and the RKS for quality builds.


Naw the game lies to you about that.