The Soulsborne thread!


While I’m insanely happy it’s coming, it also scares me. If they’re simply porting it to have better graphics, that would be lazy. Given it’s called ‘remastered’ though, I think they’re gonna tweak stuff, possibly properly finish certain bits (looking at you lost Izalith).

But then again, where do they stop? Are they keeping the softcaps the same? Are UGS’s still slow as shit, or are they bringing the game up to speed with DS3? Giantdad? Is there still no cap upwards for invading? Are you still going to be able to twink as hard (+15 weapons), or are they going to add the same restrictions as in DS3?



Eh, remaster of Dark Souls is cool for those who like it, but at this point I’ve learned my lesson. Not hyped, not got any desire whatsoever to go back to it and I have no faith whatsoever that any of the bad stuff will be fixed.


Question –

What do you dislike about the series? I know you didn’t enjoy #1 and forced yourself to play it anyways, but DS2+3 are a fair amount different. Namely, they are a lot less shitty in terms of navigation. Never played 2 myself, but I hear it’s not 50% death traps like the OG. Combat is also 10x easier in 3.

I still wonder why you don’t like any of it, though. It seems you’re measuring all of them by the same ruler, even though they are all pretty unique as far as gameplay goes.

Don’t get me wrong. I understand if a game just isn’t your thing. I feel the same way about 90% of fighting games (after I give them a try, anyways. Only ones that I like are Injustice and Soul Calibur). Just not really getting why you forced yourself to play one and can’t enjoy the others because of it. They’re at least worth trying IMO, given how different they are.


Well, it’s not that I dislike the series, but am disappointed by just how little it has advanced as a whole and how much it has stagnated as a result.

The largest part is FromSoft’s inability to learn from a good chunk of the shortcomings their previous games had and their propensity to repeat them, namely on the mechanical side of enemy design, and Dark Souls 3 in particular is where this is at its most obvious. Whether this is due to a lack of criticism where it should be due or something else, I don’t know.

Sure, there weren’t any repeats of the abominations that were The Lost Izalith, Bed of Chaos, New Londo and The Four Kings, but at the same time there hasn’t been a single high as good as AotA.


This. Like, it’s a decent concept, but nothing has really changed over the games. Sure, they get slightly better with traversing areas, less clunky fighting but… it’s still more or less the same game.


Cause when they tried slightly different shit in DaS2 the community freaked out and bitched about the B team


Some of the complaints were not without their merit there, but yes DS2 was overcriticised to Hell and back. it’s a shame, because the way DS handled the backstab mechanic, healing, and NG+ remain the best in the series.

If they’d kept at least those three things from DS then the most recent Souls game would be significantly better for it.


This is true but when you try something new and people hate it you’re a lot less inclined to experiment


And thats fine, which is why I’m not really looking forward to the rest of the games. It’s popular vote and I’m not a part of the popular train thought. It’s fine to not like someone elses game :stuck_out_tongue:



this deal is getting better by the minute


Only $30 if you already own it? Ugh, I might end up buying it for Steam at that price. Might as well, because I wanted to finish it without having to deal with installing mods anyways.

Hopefully they fixed the major bugs


I saw a bunch of rumours saying it’s build in the same engine as DS3 (meaning the game will speed up as well, so that Ultra weapons don’t take multiple ages of fire to swing once), and that password matchmaking is coming as well.

That said, they’d be stupid not to fix some of the glaring bugs :joy:


Oh shit, that also means no 30 fps lock!

Ffffffffuck yeah.


God damn that’s nice hundred percent gonna get it now unless there is something majorly wrong with it


Well, we know they don’t use spellchecker.



What the fuck…


It’s someone mocking the dragon form from the third game by showing how the first and second dragon forms were kinda cool/not an ugly demon goat


Then that’s accurate. 100%