The Soulsborne thread!


Yeah but I like the r1 and the r2 it’s fun to outrange things and I get to do this



Yeah, youve shown me before. And I never asked, but what hammer is he using?


I know but this is like 99.9% of why I like the LKLS

ledo’s great hammer

you get it from Ledo when he invades you


Hmm i must have sold it at one point.


BLASPHEMY! I collect at least one of every weapon and armour set even though I never ever use them

I don’t even sell boss souls o.o or regular souls for that matter…

I hoard so much shit in DS3 lol


Ah, I only really keep stuff I might use.


Before I reinstalled my OS and lost my DS3 save I had one of every weapon, armour, ring, miracle, spell, pyromancy and had like max stacks of most consumables except for the really high value souls


…but why…

I understand collecting, but that seems like a bit much to me tbh


cause I killed a lot of stuff and I just managed to collect it all. The only stuff I had to really farm for was DMB

The consumables and spells were cause I had a shit ton of money and nothing to spend it on cause I wanted to stay around level 120


Take it with a pile of salt but maaaaaaaaaybe


Pretty neat. Probably won’t buy it, but it’s cool.


I’m with tricks. Too many 're releases and ‘HD’ remakes which aren’t that much better than the original. The upcoming SotC is one of the few exceptions but thats because they overhauled the entire thing from the ground up. Other games just put a shinier coat of paint and call it good -.-


Yeah but the original pc release was a garbage port. Even if they don’t overhaul it it’ll still be much better for PC playes and it’ll give you a chance to play a heavily populated DaS1 again


Eh, already talked about this before but not worth it for me. It’s one of those games that I played through, got all the achieves and don’t have much of a desire to go back again. I agree it was a bad port, though not unplayable or so bad that it gave it bad marks though.


It’s IIRC the only strength-oriented SS out of the box, so that’s a plus

I can understand that, the Swordspear is basically a halberd in disguise >.>





the speed of memers keeps surprising me


This came up in my feed like an hour ago. I was just waiting for someone to share the trailer lmfao. (Sadly, I was a little busy when you did post it so I was late DX)


Dark Souls Remastered


I still find myself unenthused.