The Soulsborne thread!


I like the way you think.



Dragon Chaser’s Ashes.

Reeaallly important huh.

How the fuck have I not gotten those until now?


Cause you need to work on your situational awareness


I’m gonna be honest, I spend as little time in that fucking place as possible. Dislike it there. With their curved swords ignoring my shields. Bastards.

Also, nameless king still infuriates me despite my last run being almost flawless, so I generally leave with no real exploring done.


Lighting arrow, like Tiger said, is found behind 3 fake walls in a room after spanking a dragon. You’ll know you’ll have the place once you get beybladed.

You are confused with Great Soul Dreg:

The best of three tiered spell I talked about is behind a fake wall in the first part of the Ringed City. It’s a bit out of the way of the main path, but once you feel you’re getting absolutely slaughtered by bullshit enemies that seem to be coming on and on and on and on, start hitting all the walls :joy:



Maybe I’m the dirty shisno…

Apologies lol. I 100% remember reading that differently.


Steam profile and IP please

So I can invade the crap out of you



I play offline :stuck_out_tongue: can’t be invaded, boi.


My dad works at Bandai Namco and-

actually, nevermind, I’m not even gonna go there :joy:


I kill everything and explore everywhere o.o




I got all the Ringed Knight weapons and I actually love them. The Greatswords are real good, but the straight sword is kinda…meh. There are better ones, though it’s real fun. But the spear is fantastic, i just got it. Pretty close to being more balanced than the other two, got decent range and speed, but the weapon art is hilarious. Fuckin anime leaps and fire everywhere. Same reason I like Friede’s scythe.


has absurdly stupidly accurate tracking I hate it


Yeah, the people on the wiki page comments love using it, but hate fighting against it. Pretty funny tbh.

Shame I care 0% for pvp. I can just laugh at your pain.


I swear to god it’s got a massive range + like 360 degree tracking

I still love my spear best though I wish they didn’t toss that garbage WA on it and make the running attack a shittier version of the weapon art


What spear do you use? I normally dont use them at all.


Lothric Knight Long Spear

It’s got the garbage charge WA and the running attack is also a charge but you can’t aim it as well and it does less damage and travels a shorter distance. Both versions of it are just begging to be parried as well


Then use a different spear?

The only ones I seem to like are the Ringed Knight, Dragonslayer (normal one, not the swordspear), and Drang Twinspears. Only like Drang because it has a nice attack string when you dual wield and can force bleed well if you infuse it that way.


But I like my spear >.>

I just never use the running attack or backstep attack or the WA


But you hate the WA and running attack.