The Soulsborne thread!


I beat NG+3 abyss watchers in a dress on my first run.



I wish the painting guardian legs didn’t have the metal greaves =/ I’m not a fan of them

sidenote: google/whatever spellchecker is present on my browser thought greaves wasn’t a word but gr eaves was >.>


Dragonslayer Greataxe 3-shot this demon with its weapon art. Fuckin noice.


So what are ya’ll’s favorite game of the series, and why?


DS3 and BB are probably tied, because DS1 was hell, and I never played DS2.

That said, I really enjoy Dank souls 3. Best combat, but BB takes a win with world design and freaky enemies.


Kill them with a vanilla torch on NG+4


I like DaS3 best and I’ve played DeS DaS1,2 and 3 but not BB

I remember being absolutely horrible at DeS and not liking it very much on ps3

Didn’t play DaS1 except on PC which was a horrible port and didn’t play 2 until after I played DaS3 because of that. After playing DaS3 DaS2 feels worse

I think I’d go DaS3>2>DeS>DaS1


Demon Souls was…


I didn’t like it and tend to forget it exists at all.


It’s funny, DS3 seems to be most people’s favorite, and it’s my least favorite. It could be because I haven’t played the DLC though, so there’s that. DS1 and DS2 both took me EXACTLY 100 hours to complete, DLC included. I’m pretty slow in the games, and the only one I’ve played through multiple times is DS3. I love all of them, including BB(haven’t played Demon souls), but DS2 is actually my favorite(played SOTFS). Dark Souls 3 is by far the best crafted game out of the 3 DS games, but I feel it removed the positive aspects of DS2 that I really liked, likely in reaction to the crazy criticism it received.

DS2 is actually objectively the worst crafted of the series game-wise, but I still like it best for other reasons.


I feel that DS3 DLC was pretty lackluster compared to prior ones. I think people just like that it’s more fluid and less clunky than the original. However, if the original came out today with DS3s engine it would be more popular I think.


I feel the same way. As undoubtedly playable DS3 is, after playing it 2 and a half times, It’s kind of forgettable. It’s been quite some time since I beat DS1, but I can still remember just about every beat of the game. I remember where things are, I remember the locations, the bosses, the item locations. DS3 has me going “oh yeah this place” every 30 minutes or so. The story felt boring to me, and I’m one of the rare turds who actually manages to care about the complicated, bloated, unnecessarily hard to pursue story. I still don’t get half of it, but I like it. DS3 has the weakest story to me by far. It’s just a reiteration of DS1, which gave us the reference pantheon for the other games. I get the cyclical nature of the universe framework and all that, but the meat on the bones was slim.

(usurpation of fire was neat though)


DS3=BB>DS1 (barely)>DS2

Bloodborne is amazing due to the difference in style. DS3 is probably the most fluid. DS1 is amazing mostly for nostalgia’s sake, but slow and clunky. I am a sucker for large weapons, and in DS1, you could down a keg of beer in the time it takes to swing a UGS >.>

DS2 isn’t as bad as people say. But I do consider it the worst Soulsborne game. Though I have not played DeS, so i can’t comment on that.


You’re not the only one that feels that way. For me, it stems from a very strong feeling of this being the game where FromSoft bought into their own hype whilst having no idea how to actually make their enemies challenging outside of stats, tracking and needlessly nerfing certain aspects of the players into the ground. I’ve been saying for years now that FromSoft’s biggest weakness is their mechanical enemy design (even in AoTA, which is the series at its absolute best) and DS3 is where that weakness is at its most obvious.

And then there’s the fact that they didn’t even bother keeping the things that DS2 did right.

Hell, I’m personally not even the least bit hyped for “Shadows Die Twice” partly because of how much I ended up hating DS3.


That might be a remake of Shadow Tower, actually. If I recall, that was basically like an old school DOOM but with swords. Same amount of angry demon-killing, but fewer explosions and no super shotgun. Also real bad design. Was not a good game.

Anyways, I am actually hoping they take a different approach to it than the normal equation. Want a faster classic RPG feeling that normal From games don’t have. Not quite a totally different direction, just a different road leading to the same place.

They should take notes from other popular RPGs tbh. At least, I hope they do. They can definitely open things up for different mechanics since it isn’t gonna be a Souls game in any case.


Also, I feel lied to.

Lightning Arrow is NOT close to the beginning of the Ringed City. It’s near the Shared Grave bonfire. More than halfway through the DLC! Humph.


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