The Soulsborne thread!


The video I posted by the way looks decently slow and really it is as DS2 has generally slower combat all around. Fume Knight would destroy Artorious in a fight one on one though.


Biggest complaint lol. If he would just sit still it’d be fairly bad but he jumps off to the other side of the arena way too often for how tanky he is.


Yeah, they should have picked one. Mega tank or giant leap frog dragon. Considering how awesome and strong his second phase is, they really shouldn’t have given him the resistances and DR he has. It just feels so wrong.

I mean, I kinda get the lore behind it. He was strong enough to defeat the Abyss and protect the Ringed City. He’d be one hell of an opponent, if alleged lore were any indication. But from a gameplay standpoint it’s honestly surprising they didn’t tone it down even a little.


I STILL haven’t played the ds3 dlc, which really makes me sad because I lost everything. Even if I DO buy it, I gotta do it all over again.

Also, I’ve said it before, but DS2 is the weakest game mechanically, but It’s my favorite from a story perspective, also Power wielding was dope.


Honestly the DLC content is really good. Some of the best dark souls I’ve played (limited to 1 and 3, but many would say that those are the good ones). I would say it’s 100% worth money.

Despite the 2 annoying bosses, there’s a lot of good shit added. I am wholly fond of the Ashes bosses. There are only 2, but they’re well designed and the main one is just challenging enough to give you that slight rage headache before you eventually beat her.

Ringed City is much longer, and adds some of my favorite weapons in the whole game. Plus one of the better boss fights outright. Not gonna be too tough with a heavy armor character, but it’s a fight I consistently find fun regardless of gear or NG level.

Tbh it’s best to experience on a fresh character.


I’m sure, but I’m just thinking about all the annoying areas I’ve got to navigate again. Straight up I can say I dislike every poison area in the whole Soulsborne series. It just feels stressful and annoying the whole time. I just dread it.(the area in DS2 is BEYOND ridiculous).


My least favorite areas have to be going around the Cathedral with the million and a half enemies in the narrow walkways aaaaaand the whole of the farron swamp. The poison isn’t the annoying thing for me, it’s the deep muck stuff that just prevents you from dodging attacks properly.


I thought the mechanics of Dark Souls 2 was strong but the story weak. Interesting…

Now of they could ever somehow finish Dark Souls 2 with its original cut content and story then it would be the greatest of the 3.

The elements were there, but they were either cut or underutilized. But the intro is my favorite of the 3.

Like a moth drawn to flame. Your wings will burn. Again, and again.


So what specifically about 2 makes the story great to you? I rewatched the teaser tailors the other day and got all pumped watching them. From does the best trailers in my opinion. Doesn’t matter the game their trailers are down right beautiful. Dark Souls 2 and Armored Core V being my favorites.

If they could have used the fire keepers cut story and the cultist thing from the trailer. That would have been a hell of a story.

What I found weak though is the point was to learn about the curse but I don’t feel like we got that. Learned a lot about the Dark though; which I thought was a little lore breaking to the first game but I might be misremembering.


I should have been more specific. I liked the philosophy present in the narrative a lot. I really enjoyed the story too, but like any DS game, it gets convoluted. I liked the story enough to desperately want to get the darksign from this game tattooed on my back. Just need to find an artist who can do the brush stroke tat.
This is all my opinion/analysis of course(haven’t played the game in 2 years)
Something about the game spoke to me personally. Vendrick’s struggle with the curse ending like so many other ageless kingdoms before him, and after him. I remember seeing all the skeletons(Don’t give up, skeleton!), and dead hollows laying around, and this was the game that kind of hit home to me that these were all chosen undead like you. It was like there was no single chosen undead. The curse and it’s mission was the burden of all the cursed, and many try and failed. The chosen undead isn’t a pre-ordained figure, it’s just the one with the will to continue on past death, the one that escapes the despair of giving in and becoming hollow.

I started seeing each hollow/skelly like a character, or player even who gave up at that point. It created that great sense of interconnectedness. Like their struggle was continued by me, the player, after finding their bodies. Humans being the descendants of the OG furtive pygmy who(iirc) split up the dark soul amongst all humans. They are all in this struggle to attain true death it seemed. To end the torturous cycle that all the great souls endure. Vendrick wonders about the cyclical nature of it all
" One day, fire will fade, and Dark will become a curse.
Men will be free from death, left to wander eternally.
Dark will again be ours, and in our true shape…
We can bury the false legends of yore… Only…
Is this our only choice?

That really hit me. Knowing that all the great souls reincarnate endlessly, all eventually falling into the same patterns, or going hollow. The undead human’s struggle is kind of a collective one passed on to each successive undead(think about how many hollows/corpses you find carrying useful item) who attempts to reach the flame.

Vendrick’s whole quest to find a cure for the curse was interesting, and completely fruitless(besides the crowns). I don’t know, I just really vibed with the whole theme of despair, desperation, curiosity, nuance, fairness…etc. I was drawn in. Things are subjective though. I loved the game despite my frustrations. I just think it could have been the best one of the 3, and I hate that it went so poorly. I think they would be capable of making an even more incredible game than they did.

That’s just my butt opinion

I want that tat.


Perfectly said. I know exactly what you mean and couldn’t agree more. I do agree Vendrick is a pretty great character, I just feel a lot of the world wasn’t as connected as it could be and some of the characters weren’t as well fleshed out.

Or possibly too fleshed out? Looking at Dark Souls one we barely got any information on each character and they were better for it. They were legends of yore, but a lot of DS2 gave us plenty of character information except where it mattered.

We got more information on the little bosses than we did the main ones. Maybe an introduction of the 4 big soul bosses would have been nice.

Like who is the forgotten sinner and why should we care about her? They say nothing of her before we just walk into the room and find her and then its just “yeah, chaos whitches soul. Neat.”

Basically gathering the 4 great souls is a side quest to unlocking the main game story with Vendrick. They have nothing to do with the story at all and it’s a little sad considering the history.

But maybe that’s the point? It’s supposed to be sad? The whole point they hammer in is how hopelessly futile your actions are. Maybe those great souls truly mean nothing. But was the B team smart enough to make that dialogue or was that just a coincidence?

Edit: by the way, are you familiar with the cut content of the game? The story possibility there was truly epic and it’s a shame it wasn’t used. Maybe one day they can revisit and rebuild DS2 in its original image. I would pay good money for that game.


I actually think the B team could have surpassed the A team.

Had everything gone right, of course.
and no I’m not familiar with it anymore. I did a really deep lore/development dive during the playthrough, but it’s strange, my memory is so fuzzy…I swear I came to this land for a reason…but I somehow can’t seem to remember. Wait…how long has it been? I know I had something I needed to do, or was it to meet someone?


The closest we’ve gotten to that in terms of power is probably the resonant soul spells from DS2. Boy did I have fun a bunch of times just whipping that out from nowhere and deleting people :joy:

That said, if you think Lobos’ kill was impressive, people have beaten him at NG+7, SL1, with a broken Ladle, without taking a hit (click)

As for Midir (my favourite boss in the franchise, so I might be a bit biased lol), he’s very easy to solo. Like the fume knight, he’s easy to predict and dodge when you’re alone, but add more people to the mix, and his increased unpredictability coupled with insane damage becomes a problem.

As for beating him, I’ve never had really long fights. I beat him in about 6 minutes at NG+3 (click). That said, I don’t mind the long fights. It keeps me on my toes, allows me to enjoy the (damn amazing) soundtrack longer, and frankly, it makes no sense to kill a literal dragon just like that. Not to mention a corrupted descendant of the archdragons that was raised by the gods