The Soulsborne thread!


I had the same, when I was on my overleveled hypermode character. I was just rushing towards Gael, and found out that the NPC-boss Spear is a royal PITA to fight in hypermode. So, I kept going until I found a player. Like most players at that level still partaking in PvP, he was pretty much a ‘meta stacker’: used as much gear that is meta at the normal levels at possible. We’re talking full havel’s, with the twin UGS’s, Tears of Denial, Chaos bed vestiges, etc.
Really fun seeing him walking towards me, probably thinking ‘heh, this stark naked old man with a locusthead and a diaper wearing only a sword in his offhand is going to be easy as hell’.
As he was pointing down (not kidding, he spawned in, cast tears, and pointed down), I threw a CBV at him, nuking 90% of his health. The fight then lasted about another minute, which pretty much consisted of me running after him as he was panickrolling everywhere, and nuking his second helper somewhere between that.

Putting cocky people in place is the best feeling, I tell ya


My character is on NG+6 (with all bosses but sister Friede cleared) level 230. 65 vitality, 65 STR, 40 dex, 40 faith, 40 in HP and stamina.

Morne’s hammer is within 10 AR of Ledo’s for me, but people often underestimate it cause they associate it with a faith weapon. Cocky jackasses with their twin UGS basically sprint right into around 1.8k damage Morne’s Rage casts. Then they shit bricks when I vomit lightning at them after their panicked rolls.

Strength/Faith builds are fun as hell.


mostly dormant thread, but I came here to cry. my ssd took a shit a few months back. I got a new one, and I only just now decided to hop on DS2 just for shits. My game data was in another hard drive so I wasn’t worried. Bam, all my characters gone, same on ds3, same on ds1. like 3 or 4 hundred hours down the tube. Wah.


Gotta backup the important stuff my man. Remember the 3-2-1 rule for the super important stuff like Dark Souls characters 3 back ups, 2 different mediums, one off site.


You on PC? If ever you need items/boosts with DS2/3, gimme a call, I’ve got a char with pretty much every item and loads of soul stacks (same goes for the original DS, not the remastered tho)


I actually wouldn’t mind. I’ll let you know.




Yup, it’s pretty fucking absurd. You can beat 80% of everything in DS3 with those 2 spells. Very little stuff resists dark magic, and it always feels kinda broken.


So just like the other two games? Lol

Imagine if we ever get a dark crystal soul spear.

Remember that one spell from 2. I can’t remember the name but you only got one shit of it and it was like a mega soul spear. It could one shot most bosses.


I have no idea tbh. I didn’t play 2. But I also didn’t know dark has been that powerful since forever. Nice to know FromSoft wants everyone to be edgy mages to beat the game.


Dark Bead and orb was some of the most fucked up things you could do in Dark Souls one.

Easier to deal with in 2. Magic while very, very powerful was easy to dodge in pvp.


I really like magic in other games, but I never cared for it in DS. Heavy armor strength builds all the way. Playing the game a particular way makes it wildly different. Like all my friends are dex builds, so when they’d say “oh this boss is so hard/easy” i’d have a completely opposite experience.

Fume Knight remains the hardest boss I’ve ever beaten in a game, and none of them had problems with him.


I’ve done every build possible and yes its the hardest boss of any game I ever played no matter what I do. Also one of the best bosses ever. DS2 might be the weakest of the series but that boss was legit one of the best things to ever come out of a Souls game.

Interesting enough its the only boss to actually get harder if you have help. One extra person can be a help as a distraction but 3 is suicide. It pumps up his damage and defense by a lot.


I dunno I’d say Midir is harder with multiple people.


I honestly cant remember fighting him.


Big ass dragon just gets tankier and less predictable the more people there are.


Well he has the highest health and damage reduction in the game. His health multiplies with more players, and his already-existing 1-shot capabilities get even more ridiculous. And he is much, much angrier.


Sounds a lot like you’re talking about the Fume Knight.

I know you didn’t play the second so imagine Artorius, but like twice the size and really really pissed off.


Interesting enough its easiest to fight him solo. Something about bringing a party makes him flip shit.


From what I’ve heard, people dislike Midir way more than Fume Knight. There’s exactly 1 way to beat him easily, and it STILL takes forever. My shortest run was 10 minutes. I haven’t seen a minmax player beat him in less than 5.

Comparing midir to artorias, I’ll take wolf man. I’d take NG+3 angry wolf man over normal midir. I beat him exactly 1 time on each character to get either the weapon or spell, and I never go back.

I complain a lot about the Demon Prince, but that’s only cause he’s mandatory. Midir is so much fucking worse. More health, more damage, crazier attack patterns, and he moves around a fuckton more. Plus hitting anything other than his face offers depressing damage numbers.

On top of that, midir punishes all non-warrior characters hardcore. Insane magic resistance. Even headshots. Lightning spells are also crazy slow for that fight. So if you aren’t whacking him in the head with a stick, you’re in for a really bad time.

Multiplayer just makes all these problems worse.