The Soulsborne thread!


Yeah, IIRC that only happens in the second phase. Not an indicator of his second phase starting however, so keep that in mind. Takes a single hit I believe, so it should be a quick dash-r1-dash

Just keep in mind, he will get his new moveset. Though, I find that easier to parry than the first phase moveset, so if that’s a disadvantage or an advantage really depends :joy:


Yup. I’ve been using the whip cane to fight him, comes in handy there. Stays just out of sword melee range, but close enough that he still tries instead of throwing magic at me.

He does get easier to parry, but it’s way more punishing if you miss it than first phase.

But I put Logarius and Gehrman on hold for now. I’m currently trying to kill Ludwig. Getting real close to having it down. Consistently getting to 25%-30% health. Just need to learn to dodge the ground swipes he does.

Wish I had the internet to summon a helper from online. This woulda been done a while ago.


I was in the same boat with Ludwig. Was on my arcane build, and I got kinda tired (just wanted the kos(m) parasite damnit), so I summoned.

Fight was over in about a minute. Fully gemmed pizza cutter does disgusting amounts of damage :joy:


I feel like a fucking god right now. Killed Ludwig. That’s just so satisfying. Heart is still trying to slow down. The last quarter of that fight is just so intense. Music is fantastic, Ludwig himself is fairly imposing and kinda badass, despite being horribly deformed.

Bloodborne is such a good game.


Last quarter of Lady Maria’s HP cheesed with Beast Roar and Ludwig’s sword. Not quite as satisfying as the Ludwig fight itself, but definitely feels good to kill her.


So. Orphan of Kos. First phase is doable. Second phase makes me wanna fight Ludwig instead.

Methinks I’m gonna farm a whole bunch and come back in 20 levels or so. That said, I was doing good damage. He just kills me in 3 hits and that is super frustrating.

My highest attack stat is 27, and that’s strongth, 26 in skill, and 25 in arcane. Naturally I’m using the moonlight sword and Ludwig’s sword with those stats.

I’m gonna pump those up so we are at least trading blows. Also gotta find that healing hunter tool. Don’t plan on using my gun for him, so those 20 bullets might as well go towards keeping me alive.

3 bosses today, between 2 different play sessions. Not bad.


Yeah, Ludwig is phenomenal. Definitely one of the best fights of the game even if that delayed jump attack can go suck a big ole back of *****

Lady Maria is either an amazing fight, or you suck out hard and end up cheesing her. Seems it’s like SW The last Jedi: either you absolutely adore it, or you think it’s the worst ever

As for Orphan, another amazing fight, and one that has a interesting cheese (in case you get sick of him)


Lady Maria wasn’t bad. She killed me a lot in a short span of time cause she just has crazy damage. But it was an enjoyable fight. I only cheesed the last bit because the fire buff on her weapons was hitting me despite the parry.

I really hate the huge thrust attack she gets in her second form. If ya don’t dodge properly it can 1-shot. Maybe it did that because I’m wearing fashion instead of protection, but still. Really hurts.

Also, fuck those shark giants in the well. I want her weapon but I have to kill them to get it, and they’re giant assholes. Even tried sniping them with a myriad of things. It seems I have to go down there and kill em. Ugh.


There is a way right before orphan to cheese then, but otherwise, Shaman bone blades my man. Once they second drops down, swipe the first one, and back the hell off. Can by finnicky, but works like a charms when it does go well


2 whip weapons were added in the DLC. I love both of them

The Beast Cutter has absurdly good range, and rather good damage. Fairly boring move set, but really solid in both forms.

The Amygdalan Arm is super fun and has a wonderful move set, if it has a little less range.


Beast cutter hands down on of my favourite weapons.

It’s got absurdly long recovery times, and all damage is blunt (brainsuckers are a pain). BUT, the range is insane, it has heavy stagger, the transformed R2’s have insane range and will flatten most enemies, it’s a threaded cane for MEN, and best of all, because it solely does blunt damage, you don’t have to farm for three 27.2% DMG up gems, and instead go for three 33.3% blunt DMG up gems, which will boost damage even more


I am finding that I enjoy it a lot. It just feels so nice with the absurd hitboxes. The R2 stun is hilarious. Stunning bosses and giants alike. Probably gonna be what I run through a fair portion if my NG with.

The club form is also pretty good. Has excellent damage and fair speed. But it doesn’t have the stamina cost it looks like it would have, and that’s nice.

But I am also a fan of the Amygdalan Arm as far as the whip/club thing goes. It just has a really fun set of moves, and more than ample range. The R2s have more recovery than I would like, but letting them sit gets you a second (or third on charged heavy) for basically no stamina. Real fun.

Nothing is gonna replace ludwig’s sword tho. The silver sword form is fast and really strong. Works so well with some beastblood.


So I finally found out what the 4th rune slot was for. And I equipped the “milkweed” rune and it turned my head into glowy blue broccoli.

I have no objections, as it gives me more items when stuff dies, but its fuckin weird.


Ah, yes, feel the might and power of the one and only cauliflower!


I like that it lets you keep your head and hand armor on when you have it up. Dark Souls makes you take stuff off to become a dragon. And it sucks.


Onto my first NG+ in Bloodborne. Exciting. I wanna focus on Hunter Tools this time. Have 32 Arcane, but I need more to use A Call Beyond. I also have a fair few more Tools to find, if I recall.


Finally killed Orphan of Kos. Bastard gave me more trouble than all of the other bosses combined.

Using the Kos Parasite with the Milkweed rune. This is goofy and I love it. The L2 attack is crazy. Looks like some shit one of the Great One bosses would use.


I love it where there are salty ass Spears of the Church that just leave the game when you’re winning.

This one guy with the cheesy paired ultra greatswords came in like he though he was cool, and he just started running away when one of my spells deleted half of his embered health bar. After a few casts and him shitting himself he used the black crystal to go home. What a coward.

If ya invade someone, make sure you know you have the chance to lose and don’t be a salty bitch about it.


I love when people come up to me with those weapons when I’m using any UGS with the stomp WA. They start their L1, and I’m like L2R2 fly little piggy

And for some reason they never learn :thinking:


I find the Harald Curved Sword does something very similar. If you can time it right or tank a hit from the swords, you can use that weapon art to just stunlock them into the ground.

Aaaaaand I was right. Just did it again and fucking destroyed someone with it. Then I also got someone trying real hard to be Guts. Even with their church helper healing them, it was done in under a minute.