The Soulsborne thread!

Love the series. Glad to see a dedicated topic for it.


I’m boring. I just play through for the achieves and then leave. The game is alright, but it doesn’t really have anything lasting for me. (Granted this is just for Dark Souls, haven’t done Bloodbourne yet though I don’t think my opinion would change much more)

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I haven’t even finished a game from the series since Dark Souls, and even then I had to force myself to do that about a year after I first beat O&S. Pretty deep-seated burnout of the series as a whole followed soon after.

Bloodborne is more a side-step from Dark Souls as opposed to any real step forward. Much like your assessment of the first game (which is pretty apt, if I may say so) the game is alright, but doesn’t really hold any lasting appeal if you’re not bothered with its hilariously bad PvP.

Still has the best aesthetic, setting and themes in the entire series, though.

Ya, I really love the world design the most. The lore is kinda, eh for me. I do like that there are pretty versatile play styles, but I feel that the game is unforgiving with regards to what builds work really well and what don’t. It’s almost like a second playthrough is needed just so you know what to expect, if that makes sense. But overall they are fun to trudge through on their own merits :slight_smile:

Indeed. When I say themes, though, I don’t mean the lore as a whole, but rather the themes of cosmic horror, etc. Whilst the game as a whole was just alright otherwise I was pleasantly surprised at the way Bloodborne pulled the rug out from beneath me, so it gets points for that.

The lore of the series has also never actually been that good. Whilst it’s done the way it is by design that doesn’t automatically make it good.

This. I feel that a lot of people go on about the Lore but really it’s not that great. It repeats itself a bit much which is the meta point in that everything is circular and repetitive in nature anyway. I’ve still been wanting to try BB. I hear it’s decent.

The best part of the lore is the fanon that the youtubers post. And even then you can still pull a Flying Spaghetti Monster stunt with it and have it be just as valid as the fanon that they, and everyone else posts.

It is in the same sort of way that Dark Souls is. That said, however, the input delay in Bloodborne is far more noticeable than it is in Dark Souls due to it being FromSoft’s attempt at a faster paced game.

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By the gods, I didn’t make this thread so you two could go and shittalk the game 399863666738200576

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Also, I’m not shit talking the game. I already said I enjoy playing through them. They just don’t have much replayability and I think the lore is overhyped. That doesn’t make for a bad game.


I know, hence the kappa :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Shhh… you’re ruining mah immersion! :smiley:


They got a decent amount of replayability different weapon classes, different builds, challenge runs, magic types.

Not enough for me though. I mean sure, you can go through and magic your way, str your way, dex your way or some hybrid. But there isn’t anything in the game that encourages me to do that. It’s not like there are fantastical boss fights that are that memorable or enemies I would want to try from a different setup. The best thing for me is the world design and an achievement playthrough gets me all that.

Asides from gameplay?

Agree to disagree? I’m going through the game right now so I have save back ups so I can fight any boss/miniboss whenever I want

I’ve killed nameless king like 30+ times as a sunbro

Opinions are different. After all, I fucking adore Midir, think it’s the best DS3 boss there is, but you and Trick hate him ;-;


Again, opinion based :slight_smile:

Which is why it’s an opinion. People can have different opinions on things.

Good talk though!

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I get that I just find it weird when I see someone that’s beaten DaS3 say it doesn’t have much replayability. I’d assume they enjoyed the boss fights if they beat it and trying to beat the bosses in different ways with different equipment or just get better at beating that boss until you can laugh in NKs stupid face after you flawlessly kill them seems like a lot more replayability than most non-multiplayer games


Not necessarily. I’ll remind you that the only reason I actually beat the first game at all was because I forced myself to, not because I was enjoying the game I played. I did more or less the same up until the final boss in DS3. Let’s just say my overall impression there is bad.

Most people don’t force themselves to play a game they don’t like though

I enjoyed DAO and I’ve had DA2 for a few years and I still haven’t beaten it cause its garbage

Same with Witcher 1

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To be fair Witcher 1 had REALLY clunky combat.

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