The Soulsborne thread!


Thing is, it seems as if they took version 1.0 and remastered that. Reverse rolls are pretty much null in the current version of Dark Souls through various patches, yet they’re back now.

I’m still gonna get it, no doubt. But now, to name an example, ultra’s are even worse because they can’t deadangle to protect you from backstabs/parries anymore. So I’ll probably end up a filthy dex user >.>



I’m still gonna use ultras. Fuck the meta.


You’ll think differently after being backstabbed all the time :stuck_out_tongue:


Ah, I don’t get invaded that often cause I never stay at the “meta” level or popular PvP areas. And I’m probably getting it on Switch, so that thins the group even more.

Also, the meta rarely fucks me in DS3. I’m not that concerned tbh.


Imma bitch slap people with the lifehunt scythe once I get it.


Fuck yeah. Use cool shit. Fuck the meta, I wanna slam enemies into the ground with a big fuckin hammer. Or cleave them in half with a giant sword.